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How to Reduce Muscle Aches

Tips to Ease Sore Muscles

muscle ache

Sore muscles are the result of exercise or strenuous activity by the body. Muscle soreness usually occurs from 24 to 48 hours after activity. The soreness comes from stressing the muscle tissue beyond its accustomed activity level. This soreness actually occurs from small, microscopic tears in the muscle. The tears and inflammation is what seems to be the cause of the pain. There are no ways around feeling sore if you are actively exercising and pushing yourself to do better; however, there are tips to lessen the pain.

  • Stretch – Stretching helps to break the cycle, which is the soreness to spasm to contraction and tightness. By releasing the muscle, you can relax the strain and give the muscle a moment to relax.
  • Keep Moving – One way to fight the pain and soreness is to keep moving. Keeping light exercise in your life will keep the muscle in motion and ensure you are getting some relief. There is no time for the muscle to ache when it has been thrust back into motion, so get back on the horse and continue the ride.
  • Hot/Cold – Giving your muscles some temperature variation can help with the soreness you may be experiencing. Heat can allow the muscle to improve circulation and blood flow, which can allow the muscle to relax and heal. Cold therapy can reduce the inflammation that occurs from the damage and allows a reduction of blood flow to the area. It can also reduce nerve activity and speeds up the healing process.
  • Coffee – This is not novel, caffeine can boost your endurance, but it turns out it can reduce your muscle soreness and fatigue more quickly. This natural use of caffeine is a wonderful way to get a great workout and to ease the pain you may feel afterwards.
  • Supplement – There are several all-natural supplements that can help to ease your muscle pain. One that is fairly easy to use is called Arnica Power by Sprayology. The natural properties of arnica have shown great results sore muscle rubin easing pain without the need for any medications or prescription drugs. Badger Sore Muscle Rub is another product that has the power of cayenne and wild marjoram. These herbs reduce anti-inflammatory properties and decrease pain. It can help as a topical analgesic with muscle and joint pain. Fatty acids are also a great addition to your diet because they can ease sore muscles and help with anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce soreness. One product is called Fundamental Omega 3 by Fundamental Earth. This product is wild-caught without mercury and it is also enteric coated that prevents burping. It is made in the USA and it is devoid of mercury due to the molecular distilled nature of the product.
  • Massage – The power of deep-tissue massage after a strenuous exercise has been shown to increase blood flow and speed up the inflammation process that is responsible for soreness. The best part is to massage above and below the sore part of the muscle.


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