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Healthy Eating Habits

Good Nutrition, for Good Health

Developing a healthy diet and exercise is important, even at a young age. This is why it is important to eat well and teach your children to also eat well. Setting up a balanced plate of food should be a priority for any meals and fast food should be a minimal part of your life. Ditching high-processed foods should also be a priority. Below are some tips that can truly help you determine the best eating habits for you and your family.

  • Variety – There should be a variety of foods in your diet. We are not aware of all of the benefits that foods have to offer, so getting a taste of all of them is a great way to ensure you are getting as many benefits as possible. This is also a great way to limit toxins and pesticides that may be prevalent in a limited type of food. Try new things and get a rainbow of nutrients.
  • Portions – Try to portion your foods appropriately. It may not be problematic to eat tons of broccoli or spinach, try to limit carbs and high calorie food items. Look at the serving size on the package to truly understand how many calories you will consume.
  • Limit Refined Grains – White breads, regular pasta, and many snack foods have little or no dietary fiber. These contribute to added weight gain without any benefits that are necessary. They are basically empty calories that provide no real benefits.
  • Reduce Sugar – There are many added sugars in products that are not necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Candy and soda are definitely not a necessary component of your diet, but can be eaten in moderation. Limiting unwanted sugar in your diet can allow room for the more important foods that provide nourishment.
  • Multivitamin – Just to ensure that you are getting all of the nutrients you need, it may be best to partake in a multivitamin. Fundamental Earth has a Whole Food Multivitamin Multimineral supplement called Fundamental Daily. It has vitamins and minerals derived from whole food and not that are synthetic. There are no artificial colorings or ingredients. This product provides the most beneficial forms of nutrients and minerals. For a complete list of all our multivitamins, click here.
  • Fish and Nuts – Enjoy more fish and nuts in your diet. The omega fatty acids are necessary for heart protection and they also provide satisfying fullness, so there is no need to consume more empty calories.
  • Trans Fats Reduction – Try to reduce the trans fats in your diet. These are found in your baked goods and snack foods. They represent your bad cholesterol levels that can cause heart disease.
  • Sodium Down and Potassium Up – Try to limit sodium uptake in the body, which can cause an increased blood pressure in the body. Adding potassium to your diet can help to lower blood pressure. NOTE: If you have kidney disease or are taking high blood pressure medication, talk to your doctor before taking potassium supplements.
  • Calcium and Vitamin D – These nutrients are necessary for bone health. It may be hard to get all of these from the sun, which is dangerous, and from dairy, which can be hard to digest for some. If this is the case, try and supplement to obtain the proper levels.


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