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Natural Makeup Ideas

Healthier Makeup Alternatives

The history of makeup dates back to ancient times. The Egyptians used natural clays and copper to paint their faces and add definition to enhance their beauty. The Chinese used crushed rice powder to whiten their faces. Grecians used clay laced with red iron to mimic what we now call lipstick. People from India used henna to dye and color their skin and provide decoration. All of these cultures recognized the beauty that makeup can provide and used natural methods to provide this beauty.

Makeup Chemicals

Makeup products are comprised of many chemicals. These chemicals can cause damage to your skin and your entire body. Many of the chemicals are not necessary and natural products can be just as effective in providing the looks you desire.

Here are a list of some of the chemicals that should be avoided in your makeup products when you are on your next shopping trip.

  • Fragrance – We have enough fragrance in your shampoos and conditioners and actual perfumes. There is no need for your makeup to have a fragrance as well. However, there are many products that still use synthetic fragrances, when they could be using natural essential oils as a fragrance.
  • PEG – This chemical is used in many cream based makeup products. It is used to make the texture we all love, yet it is also linked to cancer. Steering clear of this chemical is a must, especially when there are coconut and almond oils that can help with texture in natural products.
  • Parabens – This chemical is used in makeup products to keep them fresh and free of bacteria and mold. However, this chemical is also linked to reproductive issues and irritation on skin surfaces.
  • BHA – This chemical is found in makeup and used to create the moisture that makeup products try to incorporate into their products. In this case, it is best to leave moisturizers separate from your makeup.

Natural Makeup Products

Natural makeup products are an option to keep your skin and body safe from the harmful chemicals found in certain makeup.

Here are some options for your makeup needs:

    • Eyeliner – The Ecco Bella brand has an all-natural eyeliner that comes in many different shades. This eyeliner is made with mica, cornstarch, zinc oxide, flower wax, aloe vera extract, and almond oil. This product goes on smooth and provides long-lasting lines.
    • Moisturizer – Ensuring the skin is moisturized is an important part of any beauty routine. One natural moisturizer is called Horray for Brallywood Butta by Pristine Beauty. It is comprised of cocoa butter, vitamin E, jojoba oil, sesame oil, and tangerine and lemon oil for fragrance.
    • Lipstick – There are many natural lipsticks that can be used to brighten
      Ecco Bella Pink Rose Lipstick

      your lips.One product that can be used to provide the color you desire without the harmful chemicals is called Badger Lip Tint and Shimmer. This lipstick is made with beeswax, virgin olive oil, cocoa butter, and aloe extract. Mica and iron oxide are used to create the shimmer in the various colors that are available.


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