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Dry Winter Skin Remedies

Help for Dry Skin

Winter skin can often be dry and cracked which makes us susceptible to the effects of irritation, rashes, and even infection. The cold temperatures makes our skin drier and makes the desire to take long and hot baths greater. Here are a few tips to help moisturize your winter skin and make it through until spring arrives.

  1. Moisturize – This seems to be a given when discussing dry skin. Moisturizing your skin with the proper moisturizer is a very important factor in having skin that feels soft and supple. Coconut oil is a wonderful way to moisturize the entire body. One product that is also very moisturizing is called Badger Unscented Body Oil. This product contains jojoba, sunflower, and olive oil. It is best to moisturize after a shower or bath to lock in all the moisture.
  2. Humidifier – This amazing machine can add moisture to the air you breathe and to your skin. Having this system in your home can ensure that dry skin is moisturized and can help prevent an outer, flaky layer of skin usually found in the winter.
  3. BalmBadger Foot Balm is a super hydrating product made from beeswax, olive oil, and castor oil. This product can soothe cracked, dry feet. It is also chemical-free and odor-free. This product can lock in the moisture you have after a shower or bath.
  4. Frequent Moisturizing – Keep a bottle of skin lotion handy at all times and
    Fundamental Skin Lotion

    every time you notice dry hands, apply some lotion to them to keep them from drying out and cracking throughout the day.

  5. Chapped Lips – Try to keep your lips moisturized by using a lip balm. Fundamental lip balm is a great product to provide moisture and healing properties to dry and cracked lips. It is organic and fragrance-free. It is made with organic palm oil, beeswax, olive oil, hemp seed oil, vitamin E, and rosemary extract. It can provide repair to winter lips that desperately need moisture. It is also a good idea to use your toothbrush to brush off the excess skin on your lips.
  6. Ditch Alcohol Cleansers – Check out your cleansers and make-up removers and ensure that you are not using products with alcohol. This can dry your skin even more than the winter air. Fundamental Face Wash is a natural, chemical-free product that won’t cause drying of the skin. It contains a neutral pH and has the natural moisture of aloe vera. It also has the healing power of vitamin E.

Winter skin can be a huge problem during the winter months. Drying out the skin due to temperature changes and overuse of hot water on the skin can be combatted by healthy and natural products and a process of frequent moisturizing. Keeping your home equipped with a humidifier is also a great way to keep moisture in the air. Applying moisturizers daily is also a way to ensure that dry skin doesn’t take over your life and leave you uncomfortable.


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