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5 Tips to Get in Post-Holiday Shape

Shed Those Extra Holiday Pounds

The holidays can make it almost impossible to stay in shape and not put on a few pounds. The vast amount of baked goods and candies can infiltrate your life. These unnecessary calories can cause you to feel it is time to get moving once the holidays are over. Below are some tips and ideas to get you back in shape and feeling healthy once again.

  1. Start Slow – Take the time to ease into your new and healthy workout and diet. If you go to the gym and work out to the max of your ability you will burn out before you have made any progress. Cut out bad foods, but allow yourself to have cheat days and special indulgences every now and then or you will give up eating healthy altogether. Baby steps have been proven to be the most successful way to lose the weight and keep it off.
  2. Consistency – Ensure that your daily activities and workout and diet regimen are consistent. Without a regular pattern, you will start to skip more and more days until you are no longer abiding by the plan you have set for yourself.
  3. Incorporate Cardio – Regardless of the type of cardio workout you choose, get your heart rate up and get your body moving. You don’t have to run to get results, because you can walk, bicycle, and swim to burn calories and get your heart rate in the fat burning range.
  4. Supplement Р Consider Triple Tea Fat Burner made by Irwin Naturals.  It combines the power of green tea, white tea, and orange pekoe tea extracts to combat free radicals and help to burn more calories.
  5. Stay Off of the Scale – Getting on the scale after a few days of altering your diet and putting in some time at the gym is a mistake. It takes time to truly see a difference in your body, so give yourself at least a month prior to getting on the scale and getting discouraged about a one or two pound weight loss.

The holidays are an amazing time for friends and family to gather and celebrate; however, they don’t have to be the reason or an unhappy new year with unwanted weight gain. By practicing a slow, consistent diet that includes cardio and supplements, you can transform yourself and start the New Year with a new you.


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