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Lubrication for Women

All Natural Lubrication

As women age, their body also ages. The skin begins to lose moisture andromance requires lotion to moisturize. Women’s bodies go through many changes as they age. Estrogen loss during menopause has a variety of symptoms. Periods become irregular, mood swings occur, hot flashes happen throughout the day and night, the voice deepens, vaginal dryness, and facial hair increases. These changes can provide serious physical changes that can alter a woman’s emotional health. Providing natural alternatives is a way to return the body to its natural state, at least in regards to vaginal moisture.

Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness is a condition that occurs in most women undergoing the change during menopause. This may seem like a minor irritation in the scheme of bodily changes, but it can cause serious discomfort during intercourse. This condition is due to the loss of estrogen, where a clear fluid is diminished. This fluid moisturizes the vagina and keeps it healthy and elastic. As the fluid disappears, so does the moisture and elasticity.

Treatments for vaginal dryness usually come from hormonal treatments and therapies involving estrogen. However, many women would rather face menopause the natural way and not mess with hormones or chemicals. There are natural ways to provide relief from vaginal dryness.

Natural Lubricant

One such natural lubricant product is made by Aloe Cadabra. The lubricant comes in natural unscented and also in Tahitian vanilla, which can be ingested as well. This product contains vitamin E to nourish the skin. It is a topical cream that can be administered to dry and atrophied vaginal tissue. All ingredients are organic and plant-based. The product is also pH-balanced to a woman. The product is also absorbed as it is used to moisturize and is not sticky or gooey. This product is able to allow moisture and the ability for gliding during intercourse. It supports the body’s natural healing process as well.

aloe-cadabra-1241819-6136_4This all-natural product contains aloe vera, essential oils of lavender and vanilla, vitamin E, xanthan, and potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate at food quality levels for preservation. The xanthan helps to thicken the aloe into a usable cream. The vitamin E provides healing properties for the skin. The aloe vera is the most important component providing moisture and healing properties to the vaginal tissue. Stevia is added to the flavored lubricants to provide a better taste as an edible lubricant. These ingredients are all organic and natural and cause no problems if ingested.

Vaginal dryness is a common problem for women going through menopause. The symptoms of menopause can be extremely uncomfortable and problematic in everyday life. The solutions of estrogen supplementation can solve some of the problems, but may cause other side effects. This is why natural lubrication is a great alternate option that has no harmful side effects. This product is also highly effective at providing relief from vaginal dryness and provide a smooth, gliding sensation for sexual relations. Providing this type of relief can bring back a woman’s natural feminine health and that is priceless.


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