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Natural Flea and Tick Remedies

Protect Your Pet

Fleas and ticks can be brought into your home from many places and fetchespecially from your pets. Many flea and tick chemicals can be harmful to your family and your pets. Using a natural product is best way to kill fleas, ticks, and their eggs and to prevent them from spreading disease in your home. There are several easy options available to you that are natural and affordable. Below are a list of natural remedies that can be used in your home to provide relief from fleas and ticks.

Apple Cider Vinegar – This is an all-natural way to help remove fleas and ticks from your life. There are natural ways to ingest apple cider vinegar in your pet’s drinking water to prevent fleas and ticks from attaching to your pets. This will also give an added benefit of improving your pet’s coat and skin along with protecting them from harm.

DIY Collar – Using a collar or bandana you can soak it with a few teaspoons of water and essential oils of lavender or cedar. These natural oils are repellants to fleas and ticks and can provide a barrier from them and your pet. A bandana is the easiest way to use this solution, as it can be washed and reused and not cause odor that can be found in regular pet collars.

Flea Spray – You can use apple cider vinegar diluted with water and add some lavender essential oil and spray this directly on your animals. It will keep their coat shiny and healthy and will keep fleas and ticks from making a home in their fur.

Flea Sachet – Make a bag of cedar chips, lavender buds, and lemon peel and place it in a breathable fabric bag, like muslin. This can be placed near bedding and become a natural deterrent to fleas and ticks.

Pet Naturals Flea & Tick Spray
     Pet Naturals Flea & Tick Spray

Pet Naturals Flea/Tick Spray – This company makes a very effective spray that protects pets from fleas and ticks and does this in a natural manner. The product contains a base of castor oil and sesame oil and uses the essential oils of lemongrass and cinnamon. This spray can be used to wipe on the head of the pet and should be re-applied every 2-3 days. If the animal is saturated with water, the spray must be re-applied. The oils act as a natural barrier from pests and also provide soothing and moisturizing properties that are healing to the skin and coat of your pet. This product is all-natural, safe, and will not harm clothing or collars if the oils come in contact with them.

Regardless of the remedy selected, these natural products will be highly effective at keeping fleas and ticks and their diseases at bay. They will provide a wonderful and natural way to protect your pets and even provide nourishment to their coat and skin. Going the natural route will ensure that your pets, children, and home are free of harmful chemicals that may cause unwanted side effects.

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