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Badger 2 in 1 Anti Bug Sunscreen

Natural Sunscreen for Summer

memoryAs the weather gets warmer and more humid, all our not so favorite friends come out to play. Mosquitos, gnats, fleas and ticks all seem to have a stronger presence in summer time, but there are various natural methods to keeping these pesky critters at bay. While most bug sprays actually contain chemicals that are harsh on skin and too dangerous to inhale, natural lines like Badger have created much safer options. The 2 in 1 Anti Bug Sunscreen is the best way to tackle bug bites this summer, because it can help protect your skin from the two worst summer skin hazards; sunburn and bites.

You may not need bug repellant every time you step outside, but sunscreen is something you should be wearing year round whenever you’re outside. The UV rays from the sun are powerful enough to reach you through the darkest cloud and coldest day, leaving your skin vulnerable to sun spots or even cancerous damage. Having an additional bug repellant effect just adds a bonus to the sunscreen. Applying a bug spray to the body after using sunscreen makes it more difficult for one of the products to stick to skin. Badger’s 2 in 1 Anti Bug Sunscreen tackles this issue by providing a combination formula that literally does two jobs at once.

Badger Anti-Bug Sunscreen
      Badger Anti-Bug Sunscreen

The sunscreen is SPF 34 with high moisturizing qualities. Badger uses natural olive oil and beeswax to help your product last longer on skin while providing intense moisture and nutrients. Olive oil is one of the best things for promoting healthy soft and glowing skin, so it’s the perfect addition to the ingredients that make up Badger Anti Bug Sunscreen. The beeswax soothes skin while helping the active sun and bug repellent ingredients stick to skin for longer. The main active ingredient used to protect skin from the sun is uncoated zinc oxide. It is a natural mineral that helps to protect skin from the harmful UV rays, but since it is derived from natural sources, it is not anywhere near as dangerous as using synthetic zinc filled products. In this sense, Badger provides products that protect you from the sun, bugs, and far more.

For the bug repellent, Badger uses natural plant based oils and scent to deter the bugs from nibbling away at your skin. Citronella and cedar have been used for decades as natural mosquito and other pest repellants. The odor drives bugs away, keeping your skin safe from possible bites and infection. You may be familiar with citronella as it is commonly used in mosquito repellant candles and sprays. You may also be familiar with the heavy unsettling scent of citronella, which is why Badger uses other vibrant essential oils to mask the smell on skin and help to deter insects. Rosemary, geranium, and lemon grass essential oils are also used to provide a fresh and clean scent to the body, and they are all also natural minor bug repellents. The combination of these active ingredients really helps to provide a strong anti bug cream.


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