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Natural Remedy for Stretch Marks

Earth Mama’s Natural Stretch Oil

babyDuring pregnancy, the body needs to grow to accommodate the increasing size of the baby. This rapid growth can cause problems with the skin and may cause stretch marks. Stretch marks are also known as striae. They are a type of scar that occurs on the skin. This scar is caused by rapid growing during pregnancy, puberty, body building, or rapid weight gain. The stretch mark is actually a tearing of the dermis. The stretch marks will appear red or purple at the beginning and may fade to a pink or white color, which will hide their appearance somewhat. These stretch marks are itchy and can be embarrassing, but they are not associated with any health risks or problems.

Pregnant women have a 50% – 90% chance of developing stretch marks during pregnancy, due to the severe weight gain in a short period of time. The factors increase for stretch marks if the mother is younger, if they gain more than 33 pounds, if they have a higher body mass index, family history, race, and if they have a higher neonatal weight. All of these factors may cause you to suffer from stretch marks.

Earth Mama

Earth Mama Natural Stretch Oil
   Earth Mama Natural Stretch Oil

There is a product made by Earth Mama called Natural Stretch Oil. The concern for chemical-free products is necessary during pregnancies. The risk is not worth the benefit in regards to most products and definitely not worth the risk for the fetus. This product is all-natural and can help with prevention and treatment of stretch marks. It contains Calendula, Chamomile, Borage oil, and Neroli oil.

Calendula: This ingredient is used to help with the itching and irritated, damaged skin present when stretch marks begin to form.

Chamomile: This is used to soothe the dry and damaged skin and provide relief.

Borage Oil: This oil is used to help lubricate the skin, prevent stretching and damage, and make the skin more resilient to the environment.

Neroli Oil: This oil is the most important ingredient in this product. It can help provide elasticity for the skin, so it does not break the dermis layer. It reduces the appearance of stretch marks and can prevent their occurrence.

Some natural stretch oils contain harmful chemicals and others have noxious odors that can cause problems with nausea and morning sickness. Earth Mama’s oil does not have these odors and has a mild and pleasant scent. This oil can help with prevention and healing of stretch marks and it does this without the use of harmful chemicals. This product is made in America and is of the utmost quality.

Stretch marks are virtually unavoidable, but something that we must endure if we are going through growth changes and pregnancy. Using an all-natural product like Natural Stretch Oil is a great way to combat the effects of rapid growth and help with the repair of stretch marks that may be impossible to prevent. This is a way to minimize and start to heal any stretch marks that may occur.

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