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Dr. Squatch – Driftwood Cologne

All Natural Cologne for Men

Cologne is a personal product used to make a statement about who manyou are, and what you represent. A fresh scent like ocean mist might make you feel and appear to be a clean and fresh individual, with maybe a light-hearted personality. A heavier musty smell might make more of a bolder statement with a strong powerful scent that says, “I’m not here to play.” As scents vary, the one thing that doesn’t change is the synthetic ingredients used in cologne to combine substances and intensify scent on skin, that actually have a negative impact on your skins health.

All Natural Cologne

Fragrance today is packed full of alcohol and other harsh ingredients that irritate skin and affect your internal health. The alcohol severely dries out skin, which may not sound like much of an issue except for the fact that is has quite an impact on your immune response. Skin needs to stay soft, hydrated, and flexible so that it doesn’t break or peel easily. Once skin is damaged, you are left more vulnerable to dangerous bacteria that could cause illness. Dry skin is about much more than just aesthetics. Dr. Squatch doesn’t contain any alcohol in their cologne and uses ingredients that encourage healthy moisturized skin.

Jojoba & Almond Oil

Dr. Squatch Driftwood Cologne
      Dr. Squatch Driftwood Cologne

Dr. Squatch uses jojoba and almond oil in their cologne for two main purposes. Firstly, these oils are rich in nutrients that promote healthy flexible skin. Jojoba is one of the most moisturizing oils for human skin. It absorbs into skin quickly so that you don’t feel any type of grease or film. It is actually the closest natural substance to sebum, which is oil that our skin naturally produces to keep our bodies healthy and hydrated. It is also rich in vitamin E, which helps to promote elasticity and is involved in your skins natural healing process. In this sense, using Dr. Squatch can actually help to soothe your skin from previous damage while providing a warm and welcoming scent. The almond oil is used for similar reasons, it’s high in a protein called keratin, which is beneficial to skin and hair health. It also adds extra moisture in combination with jojoba oil.

Secondly, using natural oils from almond and jojoba also help to make scent last longer. Most colognes and fragrance sprays are water and alcohol based, which means they fade quickly only lasting about an hour or two or skin. Dr. Squatch Driftwood uses sandalwood, vetiver, verbena, bergamot, and frankincense for their fragrance, which are all rich and powerful smells that come together to create a balanced musty cologne. Powerful as they are, using a water and alcohol based cologne would also make these smells fade quickly. The almond and jojoba oils grip the scent and allow the smell to be absorbed into skin with the oils to create a longer lasting wear. Because of the oils consistency, your scent will stay on skin, hair, and clothing much longer than a thin watery spray.

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