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What’s A Good Natural Pain Cream?

A Natural Pain Relief Cream

Sombra Warm Therapy
Sombra Warm Therapy

Sombra Warm Therapy is an all-natural topical pain relief cream that can be used for any type of muscle soreness or injury. It uses plant ingredients with natural pain relieving and anti-inflammatory substances that are perfect for helping to reduce pain associated with menstrual cramps. Sombra helps by targeting the specific area of pain to provide fast relief. Using a natural pain relief cream can be affective for reducing pain, without causing any additional harm to the body. Topical creams like Sombra are also far more beneficial to your over health.

Sombra Warm Therapy & Menstrual Cramps

Woman-with-Tension-HeadacheSombra Warm Therapy works for pain associated with menstrual cramps because it contains ingredients that specifically target the development of pain in the body. When a woman experiences menstrual cramping, the physical act of the muscles cramping signals the brain to send a neurotransmitter called substance P to the contracting muscles. This substance is what causes the feeling of pain. The problem however is that once the brain sends substance P to the affected area, the only way for pain to subside, is to wait for the substance P to naturally disperse. There are no other neurotransmitters sent to signal the area to stop the pain, which is why menstrual cramps vary in degrees of pain and length of time from woman to woman.


Painkillers that subdue pain have no interaction with substance P, they simply numb the body using chemical ingredients to relieve pain. Painkillers that you ingest take longer for your body to break down and absorb before you start to see results. The active chemical ingredients in the drugs may relieve pain, but the body can’t synthesize these chemicals and so they end up depositing in the liver where they can build up in large quantities over time. Many say that the amount found in painkillers aren’t enough to cause real damage. However, a woman experiences her period once a month for decades, which is a long time to be ingesting conventional drugs with hazardous unnatural ingredients.


Sombra Warm Therapy uses a natural substance called capsaicin to relieve Capsaicinpain. Capsaicin is a substance found in peppers that causes a tingling or burning sensation. It is the only natural substance that can directly interfere with substance P levels, in order to help reduce pain. In addition, the warm tingling sensation works like a heat pad to help reduce cramping and pain. When heat is applied to muscles, it helps to relax them, which can easily reduce contractions that cause menstrual cramping.

Natural Ingredients

Another benefit of using a topical pain relief cream made of natural ingredients, is that they are gentle on skin. Despite the warm sensation, the ingredients are far less likely to dry out or irritate skin than synthetic pain relief creams. The ingredients in Sombra Warm Therapy are made from moisturizing plant substances and nutrients that keep skin soft, hydrated, and healthy. Sombra has created a pain relief cream that can work not only for athletic injuries, but for menstrual cramps as well. It is just as effective for pain and a much healthier option.

Note: Due to individuals’ variance in pain and pain tolerance, results may vary.


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  1. I love this stuff. I’ve had 3 neck surgeries. 1 back surgery, shoulder surgery, in need of right knee replacement and fibromyalgia, if it wasn’t for Sombra I could not make it. I’m still in pain, but it will relieve for awhile. I’m very thankful. ❤❤❤

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