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Indigo Wild Zum Bum

A Bidet For Your Pocket

                     Zum Bum

It’s easy to properly clean ourselves after we use the bathroom at home, but we generally spend most of our time at work or school where we don’t have access to the same cleansing methods and products we’d prefer to use at home. But this doesn’t mean that you should result to compromising your hygienic values. Indigo Wild has created a travel sized sanitizing spray called Zum Bum so that you can easily keep clean after relieving yourself in public bathrooms.

Stay Fresh & Clean

It is absolutely vital to our health and personal hygiene to clean your unspeakables after you use the toilet, and dry toilet paper simply isn’t enough. You may have wiped yourself clean, but there is definitely unseen residue left behind. This can cause the growth of fungus, rashes, irritation, and an unwelcome smell for guests. Whether you usually use wet wipes or a bidet, anything is better than just toilet paper. Indigo Wild Zum Bum is a sanitizing spray that is made of natural ingredients. It doesn’t contain any chemicals or soap that might sting the area or cause irritation. You can safely spray it onto your toilet paper when you’re out and about, for a fresh clean wipe. Zum Bum is a small spray bottle that you can easily fit into your bag, pocket, or purse and you only need a few spritzes to get the job done.

All Natural Ingredients

Zum Mist Patchouli Orange
      Zum Mist Patchouli Orange

Zum Bum uses witch hazel, which is a type of tree bark found primarily in North America. It has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that help to cleanse skin. It is also known to help reduce irritation and swelling, which makes it a perfect ingredient for this portable freshener. The product also includes vegetable glycerin to help cleanse and moisturize. The glycerin clings to any residue, making it easier to wipe away with the toilet paper. The vegetable oils also help to soothe irritated skin by providing intense moisture. This way you can feel and smell fresh as a daisy after using the bathroom. Lastly, Indigo Wild Zum Bum spray also contains essential oils for scent and purifying purposes. The rich essential oils are strong enough to penetrate skin to provide a deep clean while leaving nothing but a fresh scent and healthy moisturized skin behind. As essential oils can be incredibly potent, oils that may cause a tingling sensation like tea tree are not used.

You may be wondering why a tiny bottle spray may be more beneficial to you than pocket wipes, and this is because of its use of completely natural ingredients. Most sanitizing wipes use synthetic chemical ingredients for the purpose of cleansing, which may very well clean, but can also irritate skin and don’t exactly smell like a bunch of fresh flowers. Indigo Wild Zum Bum uses completely natural plant based ingredients, making it safe to use anywhere on the body without causing harm to the skin and it provides a great fresh clean scent.

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