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GEODEO The Best Natural Men’s Deodorant

Why Men Need a Natural Deodorant

Men and women are the same in the sense that they can be equally manphysically active, fast, or strong, but some things really do just come down to biology. According to the Osaka International University in Japan, researches have found that men do in fact perspire more than women, in some cases even twice as much. Because of this, men seem to involve the use of deodorant in their day to day life much more than women do. They use it before and after sports, after showers, and some even carry deodorant around through out the day to re-apply.

A Safe Alteranative

So men, why are you in a desperate need of a natural deodorant like GEODEO? Because the conventional deodorant you are using is causing harm to your skin and body, almost defeating the purpose of using deodorant in the first place. Firstly, most conventional deodorants are antiperspirants, which means they stop you from sweating. Now guys, this may seem ideal especially for days you’re wearing light colored button downs in a formal setting, but antiperspirants cause more harm, than they help. Disabling your body from sweating in a certain area only causes toxins released through sweat to stay trapped within the body. We need to sweat, if our bodies didn’t need to, then we wouldn’t sweat. But fluids and toxins are not the only things you’re keeping trapped in the body when you use an antiperspirant, the body odor associated with perspiration is worsened, so using conventional deodorants can actually make you smell worse, so why bother to use them?

GeoDeo Deodorant
         GeoDeo Ocean Deodorant

The ingredients used in these types of deodorants are also made from synthetic chemical substances that can irritate the skin. This often causes dryness, redness, and flake skin in the areas where you use the deodorant. The chemical ingredients also stay trapped within the skin, and can be absorbed into the blood stream. These very ingredients can also add to you body odor, worsening the smell over time, as well as causing long term skin damage. Natural deodorants like GEODEO do not contain these harmful ingredients so that they do not worsen the condition of your skin, nor do they worsen your natural body odor.

GEODEO is made entirely of natural ingredients that moisturize the skin while providing a fresh clean scent. It contains aloe vera extract to help improve skin health as well as help soothe any irritation or damage caused by the extended use of conventional, non-natural deodorants. The aloe is high in vitamin E, which helps to keep skin moisturized and healthy. The ingredients allow your body to sweat, and helps you to detox and cleanse your body of toxins built up over time by conventional deodorants. The natural plant oil based scents cling to skin without blocking pores. This way, GEODEO helps to reduce odor caused by sweat, without interfering with the natural detoxification process or cause irritation.

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