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OraMD: Alternative to Toothpaste

All Natural & Chemical-Free Mouth Care

Toothpaste is necessary to clean your teeth and provide fresh breath andolder-couple protection for gingivitis. However, there are unnecessary and harmful ingredients found in your toothpaste that can do more than clean your teeth. Using an alternative to standard toothpaste that is all-natural is the best way to care for your teeth without causing any harm.

Harmful Ingredients in Toothpaste

Aspartame – This is a synthetic sweetener used to make the taste of the toothpaste more pleasant. This is considered harmful and studies have shown it can be converted in the body to methanol, which is a poison. This ingredient has been linked to behavioral problems, headaches, nausea, and dizziness.

Tricolsan – Although this is a powerful ingredient against tartar and gingivitis, it has been linked to cancer and even antibiotic resistance. The benefits are definitely not worth the negative side effects.

Fluoride – For decades it has been thought that fluoride increases enamel strength and provides benefits for healthy teeth. However, it can accumulate in your tissues and cause serious health effects.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – This is the same ingredient found in shampoo products, responsible for the cleaning foam that we see. This chemical has been linked to reproductive issues and cancer. It can also cause skin issues and even canker sores and is not necessary for your teeth to get clean.

Alternative to Toothpaste

Now that we have discussed the negative things to avoid in toothpaste, let’ORAMD-120x300s discuss an exciting alternative that can clean your teeth without the harmful side effects. The product that can provide this is called OraMD. It is a natural tooth oil. Good oral hygiene is necessary to ensure that you don’t have receding gums that cause you to lose your teeth. This product is made with all-natural essential oils of almond, spearmint, and peppermint.

Using a product that is free of chemicals is a way to ensure you are getting the care your teeth need without the harmful chemicals that you don’t need. The product OraMD can give your mouth a fresh feeling.  Here are a few reviews to let you know what others think about the product. Give OraMD a try and see if your dental provider notices a difference.

“I have been aware of this product for a few years now and have used it on and off, mostly on in addition to an organic coconut oil based tooth cleaner or an organic based baking soda/sea salt tooth paste. My 14 y/0 son uses this product and seems to have had great dental check ups so far in the past two years.”  Review by MMZTCASS

“I’ve just started using this product the last few days and I really like it! Makes my mouth feel clean and fresh. So far, I prefer it to the gritty, pasty, makes-you-thirsty regular toothpaste I used to use.” Anonymous Review

For more information on non-toxic and chemical-free products for a clean and healthy mouth, please click here: Natural Teeth & Mouth 


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