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All Natural Vitamins for Travel

DC Labs Formula 19 Multivitamin

f19-180_4DC Labs uses completely natural plant based ingredients in their Formula 19 multivitamin and multi mineral. Whether you’re traveling for business of leisure, it can be difficult to adjust to new foods and so taking a natural multivitamin that will agree with your body is vital to maintaining health while on a trip. DC Labs Formula 19 contains all the nutrients our body your needs and won’t irritate the stomach which makes it perfect to pack when you’re heading out of town.

Vitamin A & Vitamin C

The formula contains vitamins A and C to boost your immune system. When traveling, various environmental factors around you change drastically, and this could affect your health. It is important to maintain a strong immune system to prevent getting sick. Vitamin A helps mucus and skin around the body to repel foreign bacteria . Vitamin C works as a rich antioxidant to protect you from free radicals. Having both in the multivitamin works as an extra precaution to facilitate a healthy immune response when traveling.

Vitamin E & B Complex

Often when we travel, our skin and hair reacts to a new climate and can be affected by new water and air. Whether it causes breakouts or dryness, DC Labs Formula 19 also contains nutrients to help with this traveling issue. Vitamin E and B complex helps to promote healthy skin hair and nails. It not only provides nutrients to your internal bodily systems, but it facilitates the hair skin and nails in staying hydrated. This way although the new minerals in foreign waters may have an affect on your appearance, at least the multivitamin will work to help maintain health so that your skin and hair is damaged by the change.

Vitamin dThiamine, Niacin & D3

DC Labs Formula 19 also contains thiamine and niacin to help with digestive issues. Both essential nutrients work to help your body digest more easily and absorb nutrients efficiently. This way new food has a less of a chance of causing an upset stomach. Vitamin D3 is also used in the formula for digestive benefits, but provides many other health benefits as well. Like the vitamin A and C, D3 helps to maintain a strong immune system. This can especially be beneficial if you’re traveling somewhere that won’t have much sunshine.

Essential Minerals

This formula is also a multi mineral, which means it contains essential minerals for the body, providing a range of nutrients to keep your healthy while traveling. It contains iron to help facilitate healthy red blood cell production. With low iron in the body, you an easily suffer from fatigue which you are already prone to while traveling. Taking iron can help to reduce fatigue as well as prevent any common issues caused by iron deficiency. For the same reasons, zinc, calcium, and magnesium are also included in Formula 19 to maintain energy and muscle health which is ideal for traveling.

DC Labs contains various other essential nutrients to help your body take care of its self when changing environments. Whether you’re traveling for a few days, or months. It is important to take extra precautions such as using a multi vitamin to maintain over health. DC Labs Formula 19 is completely natural and made from plant-based ingredients, so it is agreeable with the body. However due the people’s variations in nutritional needs, results may vary.

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