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Airplane Essentials

Carry-On Must Haves for Long Flights

travelLong flights can be painfully exhausting especially if you don’t have the right tools to keep you feeling healthy and refreshed while you’re in the air. It is important to keep small items in your carry on that are TSA approved that help make you feel and look fresh and healthy after a long flight. Here are a couple things to keep in your travel pack to make flying long distance a little easier.


This will be the only item in your travel pack that you’ll have to grab after you pass security. If you’ve flown before, you already know that liquids are not permitted passed the security checkpoint. However, you can easily buy a bottle around your gate before you take off- which is strongly recommended. Be sure to buy the biggest bottle you can get, because airlines are pretty stingy these days. Because of the high altitude and air pressure, our bodies become dehydrated far more quickly in the air, which is why staying hydrated and drinking water is so important.


        Whole Food MultiVitamin

Granola bars are great, but they won’t give you the necessary nutrients that your daily meals should provide you, and neither will the food the airline provides. Taking a multi vitamin on the plane is allowed through security, and can make the greatest difference in how you feel during and after a long flight. The vitamins will help to take care of your body and skin so you land feeling and looking fresh as when you stepped on. Be sure to eat something before you take your vitamin capsule, as most vitamins can’t be taken on an empty stomach.


Depending on the airline, most food you’re given on a flight doesn’t really provide you with the nutrients your body needs. You may think that just a couple hours or one day of not eating well doesn’t really matter, but you’ve never been more wrong. When traveling your body undergoes serious stress from being in the air and not eating correctly can cause malnutrition, fatigue, and airsickness. If you’re going to be stuck up there for at least 7 hours, you need to make sure you’re going to eat. Sealed foods like granola bars, protein bars, and crackers are perfect for flying. They are TSA approved, which means they won’t get taken away at security, and they’ll fill you. Most of all, the dry grains won’t make you feel nauseated which is great if you suffer from air or motion sickness.

Lip Balm

            Badger Balm Lip Balms

As you already know, the dehydration process is accelerated in the air, which means you need to keep your skin hydrated. Drinking water will help, as well taking the multivitamin, but your skin will need a little extra push to maintain a luminous and healthy glow. You can take a light moisturizer on the plane that’s under 100ml. Moisturize at least half way through your flight or whenever your skin feels dry, and the same applies to the lips. You’ll probably use the lip balm more frequently as you’ll find your lips start to tighten and crack during the first few hours after take off. The air pressure dries out our lips severely, which is why you constantly need to drink water and apply lip balm until you land. Try to get a scented balm that you like if you react easily to smells. Some people are nauseated by the smell of airplanes and having a fresh lip balm under your nose can help with this.

Eye Mask

Ecco Bella Eye Nutrients Cream
    Ecco Bella Eye Nutrients Cream

You’re probably going to be sleeping for some of the flight, so why not use an eye cream? There’s no need to feel shy, just slather on a ton of cream right underneath the eyes- trust me, no one will be paying attention to what you’re doing, and if they are, who cares? This way when you wake up and step off your flight you might be the only one without dark eye bags and puffy eyelids. As long as your eye cream is under 100ml you should have no problem getting it onto the flight. Whoever picks you up from the airport will wonder if you even flew that day with how fresh and vibrant your skin will look. Flying can be stressful on the mind and body, and using an eye cream is one of the best ways to hide how tired you may be after a long flight overseas.

Jet Lag Remedies

Sprayology Travelease
         Sprayology TravelEase

There are a couple all natural remedies that may help with jet lag! One is a homeopathic remedy by Sprayology called TravelEase that may help to prevent and relieve jet lag!

Another great jet lag remedy is Jetzone, which are chewable tablets that were invented by a homeopathic doctor to help prevent and ease symptoms of jet lag!

These remedies are great to have on hand to ensure you arrive at your destination feeling your best!



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