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The Benefits of Using Organic Perfume

Organic Ambrosia

Bourbon Vanilla by Ecco Bella

Organic AmbrosiaPerfume is a luxurious personal product that we use daily to express ourselves. However, many perfumes contain ingredients that can cause harm to our health and skin, and such an intimate product should be one that makes us feel great, smell great, and live great. Natural perfumes created by Ecco Bella do just that, by using plant based ingredients that are safe and have no negative effect on our health. Using natural ingredients makes perfume gentle on the skin, to prevent irritation caused by synthetic chemicals. The natural plant based substances are more agreeable with the human body providing stronger and safer results.

100% Natural Perfume

Ecco Bella Bourbon Vanilla Perfume

Ecco Bella Bourbon Vanilla Perfume is made entirely of natural essential oils and plant based ingredients to ensure no chemical harm is done to the body. The use of oils also helps to improve skin health by providing moisture and nutrients to the skin. The essential floral oils allows like jasmine and rose in the mixture contain vitamins that help to soothe skin and promote elasticity. This way you perfume is actually encouraging your skin to produce its own natural oils, keeping it hydrated and healthy. This is also important as skin helps to defend our bodies from foreign bacteria. When chemicals in conventional perfumes damage skin, it breaks and peels easily, leaving you more vulnerable to invading bacteria. Ecco Bella counters this issue by using gentle hydrating ingredients that keep skin flexible and strong.

The use of essential oils also helps to ensure long lasting scent. Unlike most watered down or alcohol sprays, the product hugs the skin and takes hours to fade. The skin absorbs the oils over time, allowing the scent and hydration to linger. Most sprays are actually respiratory irritants that fade quickly, forcing you to go through product at a faster rate, as you continuously breathe in harsh chemicals. These chemical ingredients in conventional spray perfumes deposit in the lungs and are absorbed into the blood stream through skin where it deposits in tissue around the body. An excessive build up of chemical synthetic fragrance in the body can harm your health, as various ingredients in perfumes have been linked to the development of health issues.

Ecco Bella Lavender Perfume
   Ecco Bella Lavender Perfume

The Bourbon Vanilla perfume is a subtle but sweet scent that feels comforting and warm. The perfume contains a mixture of rose, vanilla, jasmine and cocoa to create a scent that isn’t too sweet or floral, but well balanced. Ecco Bella Perfume also comes in Lemon Verbena, Lavender, and Ambrosia. However all scents contain mixtures of different notes to ensure no perfume is too overpowering, but subtle and long lasting. The unique mix of ingredients also ensures scents are gender neutral, so they can be used by both men and women. The use of essential oils also ensures that less product is wasted per spritz, as most perfume sprays will diffuse into the air around you before hitting the skin.


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