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Shift Work Disorder

Natural Remedies for Shift Work Disorder

sleep issuesShift work disorder is a circadian rhythm sleep disorder that causes insomnia and excessive sleepiness in individuals that work hours that overlap with normal sleep hours. This disorder can be extremely disrupting to your life.

What are the Symptoms of Shift Work Disorder?

There are several symptoms of this disorder, other than sleepiness. Insomnia or inability to sleep can be one of the main problems. If the individual does get sleep, it is not refreshing. They may also have difficulty concentrating. There is also an associated lack of energy, due to the lack of sleep. There may also be irritability or depression due to this disorder.

Shift Work Issues

The issue of shift work involves several aspects. It may be that the individual is working during night (sleep) hours. This means the body is not getting light and melatonin production during the day. There are also those who work rotating shift, which never gives the body a chance to accept a regular wake and sleep schedule. The lack of sleep also causes “sleep debt.” This type of loss of sleep has major issues involving health and safety.

Ways to Help With Shift Work Disorder

Physical Work – Try and get some physical work the day before the day you will be working nights. This will allow you to get a good day’s rest and recover enough the next day to begin a great night’s work.

Sleep in Sections – One of the best ways to get used to the process of working nights is to get a long sleep during the day and then get up during the day and go about your business. Then take an evening nap after a meal to get an hour or two nap in before it is time to head in for the night shift.

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Supplement – Consider supplementing with melatonin, which is the hormone responsible for setting your sleep and wake cycles. Davinci Labs has a melatonin product that can be taken to supplement the sun your body is not seeing. Light affects how much melatonin your body produces. Melatonin levels begin to rise in the evening and then drop in the early morning hours. That is why it is recommended to take melatonin prior to when your “night” should be.

Drink Water – When on your night shift it is imperative to drink plenty of water. Water can help keep the body hydrated and functioning. It is hard to function when your body is not able to run properly.

Shift work disorder is a serious condition that can affect even the healthiest of people. There are tools and tricks of the trade to ensure that your body works at its peak during the off hours that you choose to work. Using supplements, drinking plenty of water, and adjusting your sleep and exercise activity can be the best thing to ensure that you function properly.


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