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6 Ways to Relax and Calm Down

Simple Suggestions to Stress Less

yogaStress and anxiety are a part of everyday life and finding ways to decrease their presence in your life can be extremely beneficial to your health. Here are a list of ways to minimize the effects that stress has on your life.

1.) Exercise – This is a natural way to release endorphins that reduces stress. Thirty minutes of exercise is the recommended time to remain healthy and fit. Little things really do add up, so park further away from doors, take the stairs over the elevator, and walk to the corner store instead of driving. A little bit adds up and can really improve your health.

2.) Breathing Exercises – Taking a moment to relax and breathe deeply can truly reset your body and reduce stress. Focus on your breathing and relax for a few minutes every day and you will see your stress dissipate. Meditation is also a way to incorporate your breathing techniques with deep thought

3.) Think Positive – Your day can be stressful, but if you focus on the positives of your day and your life, you can appreciate all of the positives. Write down all that you are grateful for and realize that the negative is a small part of your entire life and something that should not be focused on.

4.) Massage – There are certain things that can alleviate stress and a indigo-wild-zum-oil-1304_7 (1)massage is a wonderful way to relieve muscle stress and tension. The act of another person touching you and removing the tension from your body is extremely beneficial to the reduction of stress. Adding a nice massage oil like Indigo Wild’s Zum Oil that has massage oil properties and aromatherapy properties with essential oil blends, including lavender.

5.) Unwind – Figure out what works for you and ensure you incorporate it in every aspect of your life. If you truly feel relaxed watching TV, then do that. If you like to read, that should be something you do on a daily basis. Give yourself what you need and don’t hold back.

6.) Diet Properly – Eating healthy food and having healthy habits can be rawmio-4938_4 (1)the way you show your body that you love it. Partake in vitamin-rich foods.

Stress and anxiety can be hard to avoid in the busy lives we live today. However, the tools that you use to ward off stress can be invaluable. Live a healthy and balanced life and keep stress at bay.


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