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How Can I Build Muscle Mass?

Natural Muscle Enhancement

Staying fit and healthy is a goal of most people in the world. However, runmany people focus on losing the weight and forget about improving the strength of their muscles. Keeping fit and keeping your muscles in shape will increase your metabolism and keep the weight off as well.

What are some Ways to Build Muscle?

Limit Cardio
– When working out, cardio can burn fat and create lean muscle. Cardio can be performed, but limited to twice a week in 30 minute intervals. The best way to burn fat and still spare the muscles is to sprint run. This type of quick action movement will burn calories and fat and allow the muscle to not be minimized, but strengthened.

Lower Reps – When trying to build muscle, the repetition of sets is extremely important. Lowering your sets to 12 per muscle group is the best way to build muscle and not burn too much. The reps should last between 40 and 70 seconds to shock the muscles by tensing them for a long enough period of time to allow for growth.

Stretch – This is important with any workout. Stretching makes the muscles stay flexible and prevent injury. It is also great to help with recovery between workouts. This will keep your muscles ready for transformation during your workout process.

fe-p-protein-whey-32_4Eat Protein – Protein helps to build muscle and maintain weight. Most protein comes from meat, eggs, nuts, cheese, and milk. However, if these things are lacking in your diet, you may need to supplement. One supplement that works well is made by Fundamental Earth, called Fundamental Protein. This product is made from undenatured whey protein. It will help to build muscle and improve protein synthesis.

Eat Frequently – When working out and eating, it is imperative that you eat 5-6 meals per day in smaller portions. This will help you keep fuel in your body and you will have the calories to build muscles and the metabolism to burn fat.

Rest – More importantly than anything is to allow the body to rest. The ideal sleep length is 7 to 8 hours. Training should not be any more than 4 days a week. You should also try to minimize stress from your life, because it can build up cortisol which stores fat and burns muscle.

Gaining muscle is a task that requires the right kind of effort. Working too hard and in the wrong manner can actually burn too many calories and cause muscle to become lean. This is what runners are famous for, burning calories and creating lean muscle. If you are not interested in having lean muscle, they you need to focus on weight training and much less on cardio. Taking supplements ensures that the body has the protein available to build muscle mass and support the body through the strenuous workouts. Taking the time stretch and rest are just as important as the muscle building part of the process. Work out smarter to achieve the muscle gain that you desire.

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