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Natural Deodorant Alternatives

 Pristine Beauty Take A Whiff

Sweating is natural, it’s a good thing, but its difficult not to be consciousbeautiful hair about the way our sweat can smell. Deodorants may help to stop sweat, but we perspire in certain places for a reason, it helps to keep the body cool and release toxins, and so completely preventing sweat from the underarms isn’t actually a good thing. Pristine Beauty has created a natural formula that allows the underarms to perspire while helping to mask any body odor with natural scent, derived by plant based ingredients.

Conventional Deodorants

Conventional deodorants contain various synthetic chemical ingredients that are bad for your skin and can even worsen your body odor. By preventing your underarms from sweating, you are blocking the exit for water and toxins to leave the body. This means that you are consistently trapping the sweat and toxins in your skin, which can make your body odor smell much worse than before you even starting using deodorant, meaning you will need to use product more frequently. Aluminum is typically what is used in deodorants to plug pores and stop sweat. The aluminum is then absorbed by the skin and into the blood stream. Having excess aluminum in the body can cause harm to your health. Most deodorants also contain parabens which are is estrogenic and can be linked with the development of breast cancer according to The Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. To ensure safety and optimal health, Pristine Beauty does not use these ingredients in their non-antiperspirant deodorants.

Take A Whiff

Take A Whiff by Pristine Beauty uses tangerine oil, sage oil, and vanillapristine-beauty-pb-taw-001-028_4 (1) extract to provide a fresh clean scent while maintaining healthy skin. Tangerine is citrus based which is ideal for cutting through heavy odors. Citrus ingredients are often used in dish soaps and hand washes to cut through odors like garlic, vinegar and seafood. The fresh citrus can overpower body odor enough to allow healthy perspiration while still helping to improve your personal scent. Sage oil is more of a herbal earthy smell that is also potent and compliments the vibrant citrus. The vanilla extract adds sweetness to the deodorant; so that the combination of the three ingredients come together to make a rich fragrance that isn’t overpowering but can easily mask your body odor.

The deodorant also contains aloe vera to help to maintain healthy skin and prevent irritation. The aloe puts vitamin E and water into the skin to help keep it hydrated to slightly reduce perspiration while soothing the skin from any chemical deodorant damage or chaffing. It also contains pro-biotic vegetable enzymes to help tackle body order and improve your skin health to reduce smell. Take A Whiff is made entirely of natural plant based ingredients and is cruelty free. Due the nature of its’ all natural plant based formula, and peoples individual difference in sweat and body odor, results may vary from person to person.

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