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Safe Sunscreen for Kids

All Terrain Kidsport SPF 30

Summer is your family’s favorite time of year. School’s out and your kids kidsget to spend three months outdoors playing pretend, off at camp or hanging out by the pool. But no matter how safe your neighborhood may be, your child spends their summer with a constant danger lurking over their head- the sun. The strength of the sun’s rays is a curse and a blessing. It’s your child’s source of vitamin D, and being outdoors in the sun facilitates mental and physical health, but too much sun exposure can cause serious health issues, which is why sunscreen is so important for your family.

Protect Your Children During Summer Activities

Ultraviolet rays that come from the sun are a type of electromagnetic wave. The rays themselves cannot be seen by the naked eye, but the effects of these rays are more than visible. According to The Skin Cancer Foundation, UV rays are at equal intensity during all hours of the day and can penetrate clouds and gases. Although this may not sound so dangerous, the UV rays contain photon particles that can easily penetrate skin and cause abnormalities like skin cancer. The intense rays can also prematurely age the skin, which children are much more sensitive too. This is why it is vital for your children to wear sunscreen at all times when outdoors.

Natural Sunscreen for Kids!

All Terrain Kidsport SPF 30 is an amazing product that is perfect for all the outdoor activities your little ones will be participating in this summer. It is water resistant, so whether your kids are at the pool, or away at camp you can be comforted with the fact that their sunscreen is providing protection against UV rays at all times for your child.

all-terrain-577478-0519_4Kids skin is also much more sensitive than adult skin, and so they require a more gentle type of sunscreen like All Terrain Kidsport SPF 30. This formula is non greasy and has no fragrance or scent added to it. This way, it isn’t thick and uncomfortable on your child’s skin, and it won’t irritate the eyes. This is especially beneficial to younger kids who tend to get creams in all the wrong places. For this reason, the sunscreen also has no coloring so no white marks or stains are left on your child’s clothing. It is also made of entirely natural plant based ingredients, which means there are no harsh chemicals that can worsen the health of your family. This way, if there are any accidents that involve your kid getting sunscreen in their mouth, no harm can come from ingesting the product.

The sunscreen also protects your kids from a more common issue, which is sunburn. This can cause peeling and discomfort, which is why All Terrain uses aloe and vitamin E in their formula to help protect against sunburn as well as soothe any burns that your child may already have.

All Terrain Kidsport SPF 30 is the perfect, easy to use, safe sunscreen for children during summer activities. It is long lasting, water resistant, and protects your child from sun damage. The small easy squeeze bottle allows easy use for you and your kids so that you can be assured their able to apply sunscreen and benefit from it, even if you aren’t around.

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