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Lavender Shea Body Butter

Andalou Naturals – A Natural Moisturizer

soapThe best way to maintain healthy young skin is to moisturize your entire body every day. Hydrated skin is happy skin, but it’s difficult to find a lotion that not only suits your skin type, but gives you the correct hydration that your skin needs. Andalou Naturals uses quality plant based ingredients to provide your skin with moisture and nutrients that can help improve skin health.

Andalou Naturals aims to provide quality natural moisturizes that you can safely use to promote over skin health. If a person fails to moisturize skin can become dehydrated. This results in flakiness, dryness, cracking and peeling, which can accelerate the aging process. Dehydrated skin means much more than a lack of moisture, it also means the skin lacks nutrients and so it can’t properly function. Our skin acts as our body’s first line of defense from disease. As skin becomes dehydrated it is far more easily penetrated. This leaves us prone to worsening the condition of our health as well as our skin.

The Miracle of Shea Butter

Shea butter is considered natures’ miracle in terms of skin health. It is incredibly moisturizing and high in nutrients that the skin requires to successfully act as our body’s first line of defense. When skin is hydrated, it is less likely to peel or crack, and can contract to fit your body as your weight fluctuates. This means that your skin is at reduced risk of sagging or creasing as you age. This is primarily prevented by the intense moisture and vitamin E in the Shea butter. This essential vitamin promotes elasticity in the skin to ensure it remains firm and healthy. However, even if your body has enough vitamin E, your skin needs topical moisture for optimal health.

andalou-naturals-786038-2171_4Regular moisturizes that use synthetic chemical ingredients can worsen the condition of your skin. While they may temporarily moisturize, they often further dry out your skin in the long run to ensure you keep buying he product in order to maintain hydrated skin. Natural moisturizes provide your skin with hydrating oils, as well as the correct nutrients for your skin to secret healthy levels of natural oil to keep skin healthy. In this sense, moisturizing is the best form of anti aging you can do for yourself. It’s easy, cost effective, and totally safe with products like Andalou Naturals Lavender Shea Body Butter. It uses natural Shea butter, which is an oil that derives from the Shea nut. It grows primarily in West Africa, Burkina Faso where it is believed to be women’s gold for its unique moisturizing, healing, and anti aging properties.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Shea Body Butter also contains lavender essential oil for three main purposes. Firstly, lavender essential oil provides extra moisture for the skin. Secondly, lavender is commonly used in aromatherapy to promote a calm and tranquil state. Applying lavender essential oil to the skin, allowing it to absorb, and simply smelling the scent may help to promote relaxation. Lastly, lavender simply smells amazing. It is a fresh floral scent that isn’t sweet, and so it actually be used by both men ad women for a clean comforting scent and great moisture.

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