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Exfoliate Naturally for Fresh Summer Skin

Fundamental Face Scrub

The cold harsh winter leaves our skin tethered and dried. Coming intoface scrub spring and summer, our skin needs a complete shift in skincare regime to maintain a healthy hydrated glow. Exfoliation is key to maintaining healthy skin whether it be for the face or body. This all-natural face scrub with apricot kernels helps to gently remove damaged and dry skin from the face while moisturizing.

The Benefit of Plant Based Oils

The scrub consists mostly of plant based oils to helps cleanse and moisturize. Chemical soaps may cleanse, but they often irritate and dry out the skin causing redness and peeling. Even moisturizing soaps and cleansers are made of synthetic chemical ingredients, rather than natural oils and so the cleansing process removes natural oil and moisture from your skin. Using natural plant oils is a great way to cleanse your face and body as it hydrates and cleans at the same time. The natural oils strip your skin of sweat, dirt, and dead skin while soothing and moisturizing. That way when you rinse, a film of oil should be left on the face making it feel smooth and soft.

Fundamental Scrub Natural Ingredients

Fundamental Face Scrub
         Fundamental Face Scrub

Fundamental Face Scrub contains olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, and spearmint oil to provide deep cleansing and hydration. The oils are all rich in nutrients like vitamin E, which helps skin to stay flexible and heal. Ingredients like this are absolutely necessary in face scrubs, as the skin needs extra moisture and nutrients to heal efficiently after going through such a rough exfoliation process. After removing all the dried dead skin, the natural oils help to ensure the new skin will remain healthy and soft.

Aloe vera is used in Fundamentals Face Scrub for a similar reason. The moisturizing plant gel puts water back into the skin to hydrate it without clogging pores after exfoliation. The extra vitamin E helps the skin to naturally heal after being scrubbed, the aloe is actually an anti bacterial as well. This means that the scrub cleanses, kills bacteria, and hydrates skin. The rich antioxidants in vitamin C provide similar results for the skin, and so it used in the face scrub to promote over all skin health and helps protect you from free radicals. However, the vitamin C in this formula is unique as the body and skin utilize the vitamin to promote a stable and neutral skin pH.

Why Apricot Kernels?

The apricot kernels used in Fundamental Face Scrub gently removes dead skin without causing damage. By rubbing the scrub into the skin in a circular motion, you are simply using fruit to quicken the natural exfoliation process. This is much safer than chemical peels and scrubs, which can often remove far more than just dead skin. In fact, chemicals used in most foaming scrubs can cause dryness and irritation, and even affect our over health as the chemicals are absorbed through our skin and into the blood stream. Fundamentals Face Scrub is the perfect natural and healthy way to maintain clear hydrated skin all year round, especially in hot humid weather that stresses the skin.

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