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Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt

Why It’s Better than Regular Salt!

saltWe consume salt in our food everyday in almost everything we purchase and eat. It’s even in foods you might not think contain salts. Many sweet food items and drinks also contain high amounts of sodium, which is salt. Be sure to look out for sodium content, as well as sugar levels, on the ingredients list of food items to save yourself from the harm too much salt can cause you.

Salt is what helps your body to retain water. As you consume too much salt, your body is forced to store excess water, which is much more than the body can handle. For a little extra flavor, this hardly seems worth the risk. But luckily for those who enjoy a salty taste, there is a better, more natural alternative.

Himalayan Pink Salt is Packed with Nutrients!

Himalayan pink salt provides the same flavor to food, if not better, but it is far healthier for the human body. An excess of it can still lead to the same issues as it is still salt, however as most packaged products are high in sodium it is better to use Himalayan pink salt at home to regulate your sodium intake. Why is that? Because its packed with 84 vitamins and minerals. We can’t cut salt from our diets all together, unhealthy as it may be our bodies still do require it in small amounts. Sticking to those small amounts is what the problem is. However Himalayan pink salt has the added benefit of having more nutrients to offer than regular salt, making it a much healthier alternative.

Rawguru Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt

Himalayan pink salt obviously comes form the Himalayan Mountains. Over a million years ago, lava hardened over a bed of sea salt, creating a type of protection, shielding it from man made pollution over the years to come. This makes the salt much safer to consume, as chemicals haven’t contaminated it nearly as much as any other type of salt. It is also naturally high in iodine and so it is not added in ridiculous high amounts to the salt.

Regular table salt is completely stripped of its nutritional value after been so heavily processed. The only thing it does for your body is add more salt. It has been bleached, and preserved to last longer meaning in contains harmful chemical ingredients that deposit around tissue and organs in the body. These chemical deposits are unnatural and can be very dangerous. Using Himalayan pink salt eliminates these every risks.

If maintaining healthy levels of nutritious salt is something you’re interested in, try Rawguru– Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt. It is harvested completely naturally to ensure optimal safety and nutrients.


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