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What are Superfoods?

Why Should We Eat Superfoods?

Superfoods are natural foods that are high in nutrients and are beneficial foodto health and well being. Now, you may be thinking, that sounds like all fruits and vegetables. And while you’re on the right track, it’s not exactly true. Superfoods are much more nutritious than regular fresh natural foods, and it is far more important to consume them now then it would have been decades ago.

With agriculture and the human population rapidly growing, farming has become more about providing the masses than providing nutrients. Unless your food is completely organic, it’s probably lost a great deal of nutrition, and even organically sometimes all the nutrients aren’t there. Farming soil contains far less than the necessary nutrients to grow food in order to cut production costs. This means that as your food is growing, it’s not getting all the nutrients it needs to grow into a fully nutritious plant. Secondly, chemical pesticides and preservatives that are used on plants are incredibly harmful to our health and can reside in body tissue for extended periods of time. It is also important to remember that food loses a great deal of its nutritious value once heat is applied, so cooking burns away a lot of the essential vitamins and minerals that we need.

After everything, the food on our plate barely has the right amount of nutrients we need to stay healthy, no matter how healthily you’ve cooked it. That is why super foods have become such a necessity to consume in our daily diets. They are a great natural way of getting all the rich nutrients we need into our daily diets. The best way to consume super foods is raw or in dried powder form in drinks or smoothies. This way you can ensure you’re getting the most nutrients possible. Here are a few super foods you can easily incorporate into your diet for optimal health.

Chia Seeds

These tiny seeds are incredibly high in omega 3 fatty acids and iron. These are essential nutrients needed for blood health and brain function. The seeds are small and tasteless; you can put them in smoothies or even sprinkle it in food. They taste best on toast with roasted sesame and olive oil.


This is a leafy green very similar to spinach. It is high in antioxidants like vitamins A and C and contains iron. It is best raw in salads or smoothies.


This is a type of algae often consumed by animals for its high nutritious value. It is packed with vitamins and minerals and can most often be found in a dried powder form. It is best used in smoothies and drinks, but can be added to soups as well.

Acai Berry

This berry is full of antioxidants and known to be great for heart health and boosting the immune system. It can be consumed in multiple forms, as raw fruit, juice, in smoothies, as a supplement, and can even be made into a type of curd that tastes amazing and is great for the digestive track.

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