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Benefits of Using Natural Lipstick

The Harmful Ingredients in Your Lipstick

Lipstick is an iconic make up item we dream of being able to use fromtan childhood. Through a simple product, we can use an array of fun and vibrant colors to express ourselves and feel beautiful. However the very thing that makes us feel so empowered can just as easily harm our skin and our self-esteem.

Regular Lipstick – A Closer Look

Regular lipsticks and lip balms contain harsh chemical ingredients that may provide great color, but can severely dehydrate our lips. The balms and so-called moisturizing lipsticks tend to generate a dependency as your skin is only temporarily hydrated. By the time the product wears off, your lips are drier than they were to begin with. Therefore you continue to use the product, and at a faster rate than you should, forcing you to buy more and more. Other products contain such strong chemical coloring that they actually stain your lips and cause peeling.

Ecco Bella Tuscany Rose Lipstick
    Ecco Bella Tuscany Rose Lipstick

However these lipsticks can do far worse than simply dry out skin. They contain such toxic chemical ingredients that are linked to various health issues. Due to the close proximity of the product to the mouth, we slowly ingest these chemicals and our skin absorbs the product where it can enter our blood stream. The human body cannot process the harsh ingredients in most cosmetics and so it deposits around organs and tissue all over the body.

Why All Natural Lipstick

All natural lip products do not contain these harsh chemical ingredients and so they moisturize safely without putting you in risk of dehydrated lips or more severe issues. Ecco Bella lipstick Tuscany Rose in particular, is a product that not only moisturizes, but also helps to better the condition of your lips. Ecco Bella contains vitamin E as a main ingredient, which provides immense moisture for the skin and promotes elasticity by keeping the lips hydrated and the skin firm and flexible, so that it isn’t as susceptible to peeling.

       Ecco Bella Redvelation Lipstick

Ecco Bello Lipsticks are made entirely of plant based natural oils like; coconut oil, jojoba oil, chamomile oil and many more. These provide rich nutrients and vitamins for the skin to promote lip health. The oils help to repair the condition of your lips to prevent dryness and peeling. The richness of the oils also ensure your lips are not stained, as no synthetic dyes are used in the products. Natural cosmetics are far better suited for your skin as the plant based ingredients can be safely ingested and absorbed without fear of damaging your skin or health.

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