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Reduce Muscle Spasm Naturally

Is Formula 303 Good for Muscle Spasms?

Formula 303 is an all-natural plant based supplement deigned relaxspecificallyto help muscle spasms, as it is a muscle relaxant, as well as an effective anti anxiety supplement. Formula 303 works to physically soothe the muscles in order to release tension (which is great for anxiousness) and reduce muscle spasms caused by deficiency and stress.

Valerian Root

ValerianThis plant has been used as a natural sedative and muscle relaxant centuries before conventional medication was created. The Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine has recently released a study that suggests valerian root is such a powerful natural relaxant, that it has successfully helped patients suffering from insomnia to be able to sleep.


Also known as passionflower, has been known to have calming effects on the body. This flower facilitates the brains production of GABA, which is the chemical the brain releases to calm down. During this process, the GABA allows the brain to send signals to all parts of the body, slowly releasing tension from the entire body and helping you to feel more relaxed. In this sense, muscle tension can also be released which would reduce the occurrence of muscle spams.


This mineral is a rich nutrient that our bodies need to be able to function efficiently. Muscle cramps and spasms are often associated with a deficiency in magnesium, and so ingesting it would replace what your body is lacking. This way, your body can utilize the magnesium to support muscle health to ensure you are not prone to cramps and spasms.

Formula 303 - Natural Relaxant
     Formula 303 – Natural Relaxant

Muscle spasms are generally caused by injury, exercise, stress, strain, and dehydration or nutrient deficiency. While most conventional drugs for cramps and spasms may work to relieve you of symptoms, they do not help with the origin of the problem. Painkillers and muscle relaxants are a quick fix that you constantly must take to reduce spasms and go about your daily routine. They do not replace the magnesium you are deficient in, nor do they help facilitate the healing process of strains stress and injury. Passiflora and valerian root help soothe muscles that have been strained and help to relax your mind from anxiousness. They do not generate a dependency; they simply facilitate your body’s natural processes for relaxation. Magnesium is also vital to muscle repair and function, and so taking magnesium also helps your body to naturally reduce the spasms. This unique blend of plant based ingredients is designed to keep your body healthy and strong to prevent the development of issues like muscle spasms, rather than just subside symptoms short term.

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