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Dr Squatch Review

Dr. Squatch is Soap for Men

manSoap is something that we use every day and also something that we should analyze prior to use. There are many chemicals that should be avoided and not be found in your soap. You soap needs to be pure and gentle, because it something that we use daily. It is also your responsibility to protect your skin and the skin of your family members.

What Harmful Things are found in the Average Soap?

There are many things present in the average soap that shouldn’t be on your body. The first thing is phthalates, which are added to bring a creamy and lathered texture. However, they are responsible for reproductive issues in recent studies.

Parabens are used to prevent bacteria growth and extend the shelf life of products. Unfortunately, parabens are linked to reproductive issues and cancer.

Synthetic fragrances are also very harmful for your skin. These chemically-made fragrances are responsible for skin irritation, allergies, and even asthma in certain individuals.

Petroleum can also be a culprit and may carry with it toxins that are entering your bloodstream through your skin, the body’s largest organ.

Dyes and colors are also found in soaps to make them look more appealing. These dyes are harmful and may be linked to cancer.

The chemicals associated with soaps are created to make the soap look more appealing, lather more, smell better, and prolong its shelf life. In reality, none of these are necessary to have a great soap that works effectively and also provides moisturizing properties.

What is Dr. Squatch made with?

Bay Rum Bar Soap
Dr. Squatch Bay Rum Bar Soap

Dr. Squatch is a different kind of soap and it is developed specifically for men. Most all-natural soaps have the essential oil fragrances of vanilla and lavender. This is soothing and calming, but it is also somewhat feminine. Men also want natural soaps without chemicals, but with more masculine scents. Dr. Squatch is the answer, because they have soaps with masculine scents like pine, moss, cedar citrus, and spearmint. Their soaps come in a medium to strong scent, based on preference. The base of the soap is made with coconut oil, hemp oil, olive oil, shea butter, and soy. They also contain natural exfoliants like peppermint leaves and oatmeal. They use the cold process when making their soaps. Lye is mixed with water, oils, and butters. The lye forms with the oils and goes through the saponification process, which causes it to harden over time. This is the most natural way to make soap.

Cool Fresh Aloe Bar Soap
Dr. Squatch Cool Fresh Aloe Bar Soap

Natural soaps are the best way to ensure you keep your skin and your body as healthy as possible. Using products that are just as effective and do not contain the chemicals found in regular soaps is a win-win. Dr. Squatch has an amazing base for its soaps that will not only clean, but also moisturize your skin naturally. The masculine scents available give guys the natural products they desire without the feminine fragrances that usually accompany all-natural products.


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