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What is Best for Dry Skin?

Badger Balm For Dry, Cracked Skin

Badger Balm
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Dry skin is a problem for many people at different levels. There are several reasons that dry skin may occur and there are a variety of options that can help relieve the symptoms you may be experiencing. Some of the tips below can help you to alleviate the symptoms of dry skin.

What Causes Dry Skin?

There are many reasons that may cause you to experience dry skin.

Badger Rose Beauty Balm
Badger Rose Beauty Balm

Weather– The weather change can be one of those reasons. When the temperature drops, the humidity in the air also drops. A humidifier may help to add some moisture back into the air and back into your skin.

Steamy Showers – Hot showers feel great in the winter, but they also dry out the natural oils in the skin that keep the skin moisturized. Longer showers are also a culprit of dry skin. Shortening shower times and reducing the temperature is a great way to keep your skin hydrated.

Bad Soap – There are certain soaps that are harsh and full of synthetic fragrances that do not provide moisture. They rob the skin of moisture and it is imperative that you use a mild soap that has natural moisturizers as well.

Exfoliation – Using an abrasive sponge or scrubber can strip the skin of moisture. Using a soft washcloth is a better alternative for cleaning.

Aging – As the skin ages, it dries and thins over time. Moisturizing with lotion daily is a way to minimize the effects of aging. Adding retinol can also decrease some of the wrinkles as well.

Lock in Moisture – Once you get out of the shower, pat dry the skin and while the skin is still damp use a moisturizer to lock in the moisture and prevent a barrier.

Ways to Help Dry Skin

Vanilla Coconut Badger Balm
    Vanilla Coconut Badger Balm

There are many ways to help alleviate the symptoms associated with dry skin. However, moisturizing is probably the most critical step. This step is necessary to retain the moisture in your skin. One product that is essential to your daily moisture routine is called Badger Balm. It is most useful for working hands that become dry and chapped. This product is made with all-natural components including, extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, castor oil, aloe, and wintergreen and birch essential oils. This product has the properties to heal dry, cracked skin and provide a barrier that will lock in moisture. Plus, it is all-natural, meaning it can provide relief without the addition of chemicals that can harm the body.

Dry skin is a condition that can be very irritating and aggravating to the individual experiencing it. It can also be an embarrassment if you are continuously scratching or displaying dry and rough patches. By humidifying your environment, reducing the temperature in showers, and moisturizing the skin, you are able to reduce the effects that are caused by dry skin. By using all-natural moisturizers to hydrate the skin and lock in moisture, your skin will become healed and soft in no time.

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