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Metagenics Review

An Inspirational Supplement Company

imagesOut of many successful nutritional companies one company has been able to distinguish itself from all the others. Metagenics targets nutrition through thorough research and their belief in the genetic potential. Through the use of an in-house scientific team which all specialize in different renowned fields combined with the state of the art technologically advanced facilities they were able to concoct a large variety of patented formulas.

Metagenics is very meticulous in the examination stages of the formulas. They are typically tested for “formulation, ingredient selection, quality assays, manufacture, dissolution, taste, and tolerance.” It is then further examined in the Metagenics onsite clinic and the Functional Medical Research Center before any products are released to the market.

Metagenics Wellness Essentials Healthy BalanceThe team at Metagenics have developed products to deliver higher safety and effectiveness from supplements using all natural organic ingredients, for the benefit of our health. Not only does this company undergo extensive research to find the perfect combinations of natural ingredients, Metagenics also welcomes the knowledge of outside professional sources. As new discoveries are made on herbal benefits, Metagenics is constantly using new information to improve their formulas. The company is considered an all-natural industry leader by supplying to countless healthcare providers.

They have found plant based extracts that act as nutrients, which help the body facilitate healthy cell communication and amino acid function. These nutrients are believed to amplify the results of the supplement. They are also made in multiple forms such as liquids, gels, capsules, and powders to suit the needs of all patients.

To further tailor their product to the needs of many, Metagenics has also created customizable supplement programs designed specifically for certain types of people. Their programs consist of recommended supplements in combination with life changes in diet and exercise to help improve a person’s health. These programs can be discussed with a health care practitioner who can suggest what is best for you. In this sense, one of the strongest advantages Metagenics has to other companies is its accessibility. On their website, they provide a tool to show you health care practitioners nearby that can provide you with Metagenics all natural programs.

Metagenics addresses all aspects of health and it is their goal to provide healthy products with natural and safe ingredients to ensure no negative side effects or long-term damage.

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2 thoughts on “Metagenics Review”

  1. I have been a huge fan of Metagenics products for years, in particular Celapro. I have not been able to find any Celapro supply in stock lately. Is it being discontinued? If so, is there a recommended substitute(s) with similar dynamics/content? Many thanks.

    1. Hi Pamela,
      Metagenics has some great supplements! Unfortunately Celapro has been unavailable for over a year now and it appears that it is no longer made. At this time we have not been made aware of an available substitute.
      Earth Turns

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