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What is the Best Liquid Multivitamin?

intraMAX Organic Liquid Vitamin

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intraMAX All-In-One Liquid Vitamin

intraMAX is in liquid form which is beneficial for primarily two reasons. Firstly, liquid is digested much quicker into the body, and is much easier for cells to absorb nutrients from. Secondly, for all those who have trouble swallowing large pills that taste bad, this makes the supplement process much easier. You can take a teaspoon, or even mix it into smoothies to create healthy and nutritious snacks. This product is perfect for people with an on-the-go life style. This supplement helps you to obtain nutrients that you may not be able to get from your diet.

It contains 25 different vitamins and minerals as well essential fatty acids like omega 3, 6, and 9, and more plant extracts to maximize health. IntraMAX contains all these ingredients so that it can target all areas of physical and emotional health. It is a multivitamin that helps to improve immune response and physical health.

intraMAX formula is also unique as it uses living carbon. It does not contain any synthetic toxic carbonates. This helps to sustain the flow of oxygen and function of cells in the body. The supplement also contains Fulvic acid, which helps immune support and facilitates the process of chelation (the natural binding of two molecules.) This also helps the body to use the minerals in the intraMAX to bind amino acids.


All of the ingredients in intraMAX are completely organic. Most multi vitamins contain fewer vitamins and minerals, and the ingredients are all synthetic. This is difficult for the body to break down as the foreign chemicals used can often cause harm to organs over time, and in the case of multivitamins, the nutrients are generally flushed out the system through urination. Organic ingredients are much easier for the body to absorb, meaning you can use intraMAX to its full capacity to promote personal health. An individual can truly benefit from all the ingredients in this supplement as we can absorb the nutrients more much efficiently than taking a synthetic pill form multivitamin.

The supplement targets all areas of wellness. It even provides rich antioxidants to the body and contains stabilized oxygen to help purify and detox the body. In regards to multivitamin supplements, intraMAX is definitely the most effective and the most powerful. It is an amazing all natural product that can be used to make the greatest difference in anyone’s personal health and life style.

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