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Digestive Yeast Infections

Large Intestine Health

Large intestines are a large part of your internal organs and responsible for stomachprocessing food for nutrients. Water is absorbed here in the colon and feces is stored here until it is secreted out of the body. This is a large part of your digestive system and it needs to be functioning properly. Ensure you are treating it well and feeding it with only the best.

Yeast Infections

One issue that is a problem in the large intestine is the possibility of digestive yeast infections. The large intestine normally has candida that helps to keep the digestive system in tip top shape by aiding in digestion and nutrient absorption. However, if the candida gets overgrown, then there becomes a problem in your intestines. Many people think that yeast infections mainly occur in the vaginal areas, however they can occur in the digestive tract as well. You may be at a higher risk for digestive yeast infections if you eat a diet high in carbohydrates, eat fermented foods, drink alcohol, have high-stress in your life, and have recently taken a high dose of antibiotics.

So, how do you know if you are suffering from a candida infection? The symptoms can be extremely varied, so you may have to pay close attention. You may find yourself with athlete’s foot, severe allergies, bloating and diarrhea, skin rashes, vaginal infections, drowsiness, irritability, fatigue, and sugar and carbohydrate cravings. These could all be symptoms of a digestive yeast infection. You can confirm by testing of blood, stool, or urine samples. Once you have figured out the issue, you can attack the issue hands-on.

How to Prevent Problems

To make sure you are taking care of the situation, eat less sugars, stop sunbiotics-5218_4eating fermented foods, and take a good probiotic. These good probiotics will help control the bad bacteria. One great option for probiotics is Sunbiotics Vanilla Probiotics and Prebiotics. This product has vanilla, mesquite, and Yacon, which works to provide a probiotic to help keep the digestive system in balance. Yacon helps by growing probiotics, mesquite keeps blood sugar levels even, and vanilla acts as an active antioxidant. This product can help with four different room temperature strains that are non-dairy. Remember that your health is a top priority and that taking care of yourself is at the utmost importance.

Another product is Candid Away by Davinci Labs. This product detoxifies davinci-candid-away-3497_4what is found in the intestines. It supports a healthy intestinal microbe balance and the structural integrity of the intestinal tract. This product can help to get everything reset and balanced to fight off bad bacteria in the gut. It is comprised of all natural ingredients, including lavender, olive leaf extract, barberry extract, betaine, and tea tree oil.

Intestinal health is extremely important and can affect all other aspects of your body. If things are not in balance and functioning properly, it can disrupt the systems. Today’s lifestyle prevents us from eating as fresh and as healthy as we should and that is causing us problems in the long run. Keep the body happy and healthy with natural probiotics.

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