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Natural Remedies for Tension Headaches

9 Natural Tips for Relieving Headaches

girl-with-migraineTension headaches are extremely annoying and trying to find ways to relieve them can be just as annoying. Taking medication to get rid of these headaches may not solve the problem and who wants to take medicine if there are natural and healthy alternatives? There are alternate ways to get rid of headaches naturally and they may be able to solve your tensions better than any medicine.

1.) Meditation – Taking the time to decompress and relax just may be the answer to your tension troubles. Many tension headaches are due to stress and by meditating, you can relieve the stress you are feeling and alleviate the headache that is accompanying that tension.

2.) Exercise – Often time, exercise is a great way to push through the tension and work off the stress. Exercise releases endorphins that naturally decreases stress in the body and it can alleviate the tension you are feeling.

3.) Eat Tension Relieving Foods – There are certain foods that can help relieve stress. Cayenne pepper is one of those foods. This spice can help relieve pain and inflammation due to capsaicin found in the cayenne. Almonds are also a great food to eat if you feel a headache coming on, due to the properties of salicin which is found in many over the counter medicine. Fish oil is also a supplement that can be ingested to keep the heart healthy and keep blood pressure low and tension headaches nonexistent.

4.) Relax Already – This is a natural product by Stone Age Wellness that relieves stress by saw-relax-already-60_4decreases stress and anxiety and also works as a muscle relaxant. It contains magnesium, valerian root, lemon balm, passion flower, cramp bark, and chamomile flower.

5.) Nap – Many times closing your eyes and taking a nap can help relieve the tension. Give your mind a bit to relax and unwind.

6.) Peppermint or Lavender Essential Oil – Not only are these oils soothing and relaxing, but they actually work. Peppermint even has a cooling effect. This oil can be placed on the temples and massaged in to provide tension relief. It can also be inhaled as long as diluted in boiling water.

7.) Drink water – Sounds pretty obvious, but drinking water can re-hydrate us and dissipate the tension headache. Water helps get the blood flowing and we tend to drink alcohol and soda that dehydrates us. So keep it simple and just drink a glass and see if it helps.

8.) Food Diary – Keep track of the foods you are eating and determine which foods are your tension headache trigger foods. There are many known and common foods like chocolate, MSG, dairy, peanut butter, and pickled foods.

badger-30052-0529_49.) Massage – Get a massage and relax, that is what they are for. Make sure they do a head and facial massage to get the best benefit.

10.) Relax – Whatever you do to relax do it, maybe read a book, stitch, knit, watch a movie. Figure out your relaxation modes and go to that mode if you can.

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