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Chemical-Free Air Fresheners

Smells Great Without Being a Health Hazard!

What are the Hazards of Chemical Air Fresheners?

Chemical air fresheners can smell amazing, but what are they doing to your body and to your health? You may not realize that your allergies and asthma can be severely aggravated by these chemical household air fresheners.

So, what is actually in your air fresheners? There are pthalates, which have been linked to liver disease. There are chlorobenzenes that are linked to asthma and lung cancer. Synthetic fragrances are also present which can cause allergies, asthma, and even skin irritation. These harmful chemicals are extremely dangerous for use in closed areas (i.e. your home), yet they have not been banned or even seen in a negative light.

Citrus Mate – Made with REAL Citrus Oils!

citrus-mate-orange-mate-1721_4Your family is worth more than that. Consider other options for your family; natural options are the way to go. There is a company called Citrus Mate that uses the natural essence of citrus to harness the power of air cleansing. This product is absolutely all-natural and a wonderful selection for your home fragrance and air purification needs.

Citrus Mate makes several different all-natural air fresheners that can be used to clean the air in your home. There is the original orange scent, made from all-natural oranges. This is a very popular scent that works very well in the home. The product comes in a can that is not aerosol based and has no fluorocarbon propellants. This product works well and is even longer lasting than traditional fragrances. This product is made from 100% citrus-mate-lavender-0090_4natural and biodegradable citrus ingredients. This product does not harm the family or the environment. However, it is a citrus-based product, so make sure to not spray directly on furniture or anything, but spray directly in the air.

Another fragrance is grapefruit, which also has a great citrus smell. They have a lime citrus scent and pomegranate as well. They even have the traditional lemon scent. One of the options that is also available is a lavender citrus blend that gives the properties of relaxation and calming along with the citrus purification.

Indigo Wild – Fights Odors WITHOUT Chemicals!

Indigo Wild also has wonderful products for air freshening, including a product called wee mist, which has lavender, aloe, and vegetable glycerin. This product can clean the air and leaves a wonderful and relaxing scent of lavender. Oh, and it also fights the odors that are in the air without any indigo-wild-zum-mist-0141_4chemicals. They also have a eucalyptus spray that is antibacterial and able to improve odors at the same time. This spray is uplifting and mentally energizing.

Regardless of the brand you select, know that alternative air fresheners are available and ready to replace your chemical air fresheners. These products can clean the air and provide long lasting scents that are pleasing and that function as aromatherapy products. These products can calm moods and provide energizing properties as well. By knowing the possible side effects of these chemical air fresheners, it would be irresponsible to continue their use. Try one of the all-natural air mists today and ditch the old chemicals. You and your family will breathe much better.

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