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Change your Lifestyle, Change your Health

Make Choices to Support Your Health!

The lifestyle we adopt can be the reasoning behind our health. Choosing a healthy and happy lifestyle is the best way to ensure a long and happy life. These tips can be the start to a newer and healthier you.

1.) Cut out Smoking/Drinking – The partier lifestyle is one that can easily wear your body down. Drinking can wreak havoc on your body and not mention your liver. Smoking we know is harmful to your body and especially your lungs.

2.) Eat Healthy – Eating fresh and organic fruits and vegetables should be Organic-Vegetablesthe basis of your diet. Meat should be used sparingly and dairy can be used sparingly as well. The saturated fats are also not great for your body. Whole grain oats are great for the body and should be incorporated into a healthy and balanced diet.

3.) Find Your Motivation – Find your goal and your motivation to determine what can be changed. Look at the ultimate goal and determine how your new life would look. Think about how it would make you feel. You need to find your own reasoning behind the new lifestyle change, because if it is the advice of a doctor or a family member, you may not be motivated properly. The change needs to come from within.

4.) Take it Slow – Consider your path to a healthier lifestyle. Look at the goals you want to achieve and map out a process for obtaining these goals. This process should be easy to achieve or it may lead to motivation problems.

5.) Get Support – Make sure to have a solid support group. There is power in numbers, so if you can find others that are going through things similar to your own it can be highly rewarding. Have people in your life you can call if you are falling short of your goals to help you get back on track.

Apple-Health (2)6.) Track Progress – Consider the goals you have made for yourself and work on them daily. Keep notes to determine the effectiveness of your progress and how you are tracking towards your goals.

7.)  Realize Setbacks Happen – Remember that you are not perfect. Give yourself some slack if you mess up. Promise to do better the next day and see how you fare on your goals. You may be extra bad one day and then you can promise to yourself to do better the next two days to make up for it.

8.) Watch out for Computers – Many of us forget that computers can be dangerous to our health. Many people know about typing and the effects of carpal tunnel, but don’t forget about your eyes. There is an unsaid rule that for every 20 minutes you are staring at a screen, you should take a break and look at something for 20 seconds that is 20 feet away. This is called the 20-20-20 rule.
Make sure you are following all of these rules and you will have a successful and long-lasting lifestyle change that really works.

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