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Prevent Foot Pain

Prevent Injury-Wear Proper Shoes

It is important to wear shoes that fit properly, or it can lead to problems such as poor posture and back pain, planter fasciitis, bunions, corns, hammertoe, and crossover toe.

An important immediate tip: if shoes don’t feel right when you first try them on, don’t wear them. You may love the style and how that color is just perfect with your outfit, but if they don’t feel right they feetcan cause real damage.

You will want to know your foot type. If you don’t know, try the wet test.

  1. Wet your foot and place it on a paper bag.
  2. Step away and look at the image left by your foot. What do you see?
  3. Half of your arch? Then, you have normal feet or a neutral arch.
  4. Nearly your entire foot? Then, you have flat feet.
  5. Just a thin line connecting the ball of your foot to your heel? You have high arches.

You can pick your shoes and even your insoles based on your foot type. If you have flat feet, you will likely need a custom insole to help give you the support you need. Normal feet can feel comfortable in most shoes. Look for a rigid heel, some support and cushioning. People with flat feet or high arches are susceptible to planter fasciitis, an inflammation of the muscle that runs along the bottom of your foot that is mostly static. This is a leading cause of heel pain and is often brought on by wearing shoes that do not have proper arch support. It is also common among runners and people who are overweight. Without proper arch support, it also is common to experience pain in your heel, lower back, arch and leg along with possibly developing bunions and hammertoes.

About athletic shoes– it’s not all about the right color. If you participate in the same sport more than twice per week, buy shoes especially for that sport. Not only will it prevent foot pain and injury, but you may find that it helps your performance quite a bit as well.

As for high heels– they are only good for looks. The physical design of the shoes transfers all of the weight of the body to the front of the foot and often shoves the toes into a pointed crevasse. Wearing these shoes often is a perfect storm for bunions, blisters and corns to develop. If you are going to wear heels, lower 2″ heels are a better option, and take them off as soon as possible.


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