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Get Moving, Keep Moving

While many experts will argue that the best results and the fastest results will be realized through regular, rigorous workout routines, following a daily ritual of intensive “push through the wall” cardio-fitness combined with pumping iron to couple exercisebuild lean, metabolism-amping muscle mass. And, they may be right. However, to your average couch potato, that just sounds frightening, and anything frightening will keep that average couch potato clinging firmly to their remote control. What is even more effective to help get people motivated to start exercising and to keep up the pace is a strategy that seems reasonable to them, something they can envision themselves doing-perhaps something that’s even moderately enjoyable. If people begin doing something they enjoy they are far more likely to stick with it-that’s just common sense.

So, the point is to find an activity that gets you moving and keeps you moving. This includes a mixture of strategies that serve as internal and external motivations, but most of all it is important to draw a connection between physical activity and enjoyment. Frankly, that’s the only way most people will keep up the pace and perhaps even pick up the pace once they see the results from their efforts and build stamina and skill.

  1. Find activities you enjoy or maybe explore some you’d like to try. If your first goal is to just get started, then it’s important that you find something that might hold your interest. Maybe it’s walking in a park identifying wildlife, plants or birds. You might enjoy swimming, joining an aqua-aerobics class, or maybe try a sport like kayaking or paddle boarding. Go out for evening walks with friends or loved ones-try a walking book club or music club. Play a sport with friends-maybe Frisbee or a fun game of soccer. You don’t have to be very good at what you do-it’s about finding something fun that you can enjoy.
  2. Get active with a partner-find a friend or your kid or spouse to be active with. It’s sometimes easier to stay motivated if another person is expecting to do this activity with you. If someone turns you down or becomes unreliable, don’t sweat it. This activity is for you, anyway. Either choose to go it alone or find others to join you and support you. You can even explore meet-up groups in your community; then you have the bonus of being able to make new friends while doing your new activity.
  3. Write it down, and start a fitness journal. Chronicle not only which activities you do and for how long and what your results were such as longer duration of exercise, greater stamina, increased skill, higher rates of speed, etc. describe your experiences. How did you feel? What frustrated you? What brought you joy? What are you looking forward to? What are you going to do next or want to try next? Really delve into your experience and bring out the joy of the experiences to help encourage you to do more and keep up or even pick up the pace.

Get moving and keep moving– this is the strategy to help you build consistent excellence in your fitness health and overall enjoyment in your life.

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