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Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps: Anything but an Illusion

A Family Company

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps have an unrivaled reputation based on their long history of quality products and integrity. For over 150 years the Bronner family has brought us quality products and enjoyed a Dr Bronners Magic Soapsloyal following based on their deep understanding and respect for craftsmanship and ethics. As a family, a company, and a brand, Dr. Bronner’s is known worldwide for having an intricate and many-layered philosophy.

“Dr. Bronner’s is a family business committed to honoring the vision of our founder Dr. E.H. Bronner by making socially and environmentally responsible products of the highest quality, and by dedicating our profits to help make a better world. All-One!”

Ethical, Fair Trade and Organic

In 2000, Dr. Bronner’s started sourcing certified organic ingredients as their initial attempt to support sustainable farming without the use of harmful ingredients like pesticides and chemical fertilizers. In 2006 they began sourcing raw materials from Certified Fair Trade and organic programs worldwide to support fair pricing and cost of living for farmers and workers. An estimated 10,000 people around the globe are benefiting from Dr. Bronner’s efforts.

Labeling GMO’s

The consumer’s “right to know” is intrinsic to the Dr. Bronner’s philosophy. They are committed to corporate accountability as well as educating consumers about the dangers of genetically modified organisms and the effects these practices have on our world around us.

Sustainable Palm Oil

One of the main ingredients in Dr. Bronner’s famous Castille Bar Soaps is organic palm oil. This oil is harvested ethically from palm fruits in Ghana’s Eastern Region via Serendipalm, a sister company of Dr. Bronner’s. Comprised of 500 small organic family farms, no widespread clearing of rainforest was required. As a result the local primate population remained safe, which is a huge concern for this family-owned company.

Animal Advocacy

Not only is Dr. Bronner’s long known for having the very best certified vegan soaps, they are also certified cruelty-free and sport the “leaping bunny” logo. The Dr. Bronner’s team is largely vegan or vegetarian, and the company as a whole supports efforts to go meat-free. Their reasons range from wanting to reduce animal suffering in factory farms to educating the public about environmental and health concerns of meat consumption.


Founder Emmanuel Bronner believed wholeheartedly in the all-as-one philosophy and therefore charitable giving has always been a big part of Dr. Bronner’s. To this day, The Dr. Bronner’s Family Foundation donates incredibly large portions of its profits toward building schools and orphanages, supporting organic farm programs, donating land to charities, and supporting food banks, as well as other charitable causes. From community services to youth programs to drug reform policies, the Dr. Bronner’s commitment to philanthropy is historically deep and strong.

In sum, this is a brand that has been around forever and isn’t going anywhere – and that’s a wonderful thing. Unlike other brands that are notorious for GMO’s, animal testing, and having horrible business ethics yet are found in households across the globe, Dr. Bronner’s is a brand to support and be proud of. The products are superior and the integrity is unmatched.

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