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How to Begin Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Four Healthy Tips!

How far out the window is that resolution to be healthy this year? Can you still see it, slowly floating off into the sunset, or is it long gone having already let dust gather in the windowsill? No matter how Healthy Familyhard you failed on that one, there is plenty of time to regroup and get healthy now. You already know the basic “eat healthy and exercise” rules but sometimes getting yourself to actually do those things seem like a never-ending exercise in defeat. We are here to help you get it together though and succeed! With these basic processes you can only move forward and get healthier.

Realize it’s All in Your Head

The first thing to do is make sure you have a sound foundation on which to build. This means changing your attitude. You have to have that can-do outlook and the belief in yourself that you can accomplish your goals. Evaluate what paths are in front of you and choose one. Don’t like what’s there? Create a new road! The important thing is to know what you want and believe that you have the power to make it happen.


Paint a pretty picture of what you want, frame it, and hang it on your living room wall. Not an artist? No big deal. Cut out pictures from magazines and make a collage. Express your goals in words and write them out. Take those abstract thoughts and ideas and make them tangible. Once they are on paper, they take on a physical presence and that makes them more attainable. The more clear the picture is, the more detail you have in your dreams and the more direction you have about how to make it all a reality.

Make Healthy Choices

Every day, all day long, you make choices you don’t even think about. Now is the time to start thinking! Become conscious of the choices you have and decisions. Are you making mostly healthy choices? If not, why not? Condition yourself to want to make better decisions for yourself because you deserve it, and then consciously make those healthy choices. Did you have salad for lunch or a candy bar? Are you getting 8 hours of sleep or are you staying up later to watch a movie? The more times you consciously make healthy choices, the easier it will be to default to what is healthier for you. We were given free will. Use it wisely. All decisions we make create a new timeline that can have very different endings.

Baby Steps

Make changes incrementally. You don’t have to all at once go vegan and only eat things you grow in your own garden. (If you do that though, great!) Just make a point to eat more fresh vegetables. Snack on nuts and seeds more. Make occasional substitutions and have celery with peanut butter instead of a peanut butter cups. Have a cup of cashews or roasted pumpkin seeds instead of rocky road ice cream. Even if you’re not giving things up entirely, you’re still doing your body a favor by making occasional healthy changes. Do try to eat more healthy foods than you do now though. Soon enough you will realize you are feeling better and you will innately want to feel even more better, which will condition your to always make the healthy choice.

Ultimately, you have to want to be healthy more than you want to get sick. Having a healthy lifestyle is actually easier in the long run. Although it may seem to be daunting, it’s just a matter or changing your routine and drawing lines in the sand that you won’t cross.

Good luck!!

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