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Authenticity as the Path to Health

Whole-Body Health

If we consider what true whole-body health is, it is the natural state of a living being. Our bodies, like the rest of nature, seek homeostasis, or balance. The thing with human beings is, we constantly use our mind to control and override our natural, or authentic, selves. Our body tells us we’re full, but we keep eating. Our body tells us we’re hungry, but we don’t eat. We feel tired and stressed, but we keep pushing ourselves further. We have an ingrained belief system that says that we have to fight our way through life. The reality is, that is only a belief system. But is it reality?

Authentic Path to HealthThe problem with a mental construct is, we will cling to it even in the face of truth. We have set beliefs about what it is the be healthy, or how to get healthy, and we try to follow the “knowledge” in our heads, rather than listening to the innate intelligence in our bodies. We look outside ourselves to the “leading expert” to try and figure out how to be healthy. But we don’t have to “figure out” anything. Most of us would be better off to try less hard to be healthy, and would end up healthier for it. I’m not saying we should throw caution to the wind and indulge wherever and whenever we want. I’m saying that there is a natural balance that leads towards health. Knowledge can empower, or knowledge can enslave. Learning about the chemicals and toxins in our foods, household products, and personal care products can empower us to buy healthier items and be healthier. On the other hand, being told to be a certain way by others, or by the judge in our own minds, can limit us and perpetuate imbalance in our life.

Ultimately, we intuitively know what is good for us and our health. Rather than following the latest fad diet or exercise regimen, if we operate from a place of authenticity we will naturally move towards whole-body health. We will find a form of exercise that we love, feels true to us, and is in balance with our body and our life. We can eat wholesome, natural foods and feel good about it. By moving towards authenticity in all areas of our life, we can heal our relationship with ourselves, and others, and get to the root causes of the imbalances that lead to dis-ease. Things like emotional eating, or self-deprecating thoughts and body judgments, will drop away, and we can operate from our truth, in line with our body’s own wisdom. This is not the quick fix that a drug or a diet book may claim to provide, but it is a life process that is part of a healing journey. Not only our bodies will heal, but our minds and spirits as well. Through whole-body health, we can feel healthier in areas of our lives that we didn’t even know were related to our health. In truth, all aspects of our lives are an integral part of our health and well-being.


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