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Natural Toothpaste: Less Is More

Chemical-Free Alternative

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It’s no secret that fluoride is dangerous. While it’s found in our drinking water and touted as an active ingredient in toothpaste, many people are turning their backs on fluoride and opting for something safer. People are curious about natural toothpaste, but wonder about the effectiveness. Can natural toothpaste still really clean your teeth, prevent decay, and strengthen enamel? Yes!


Most commercial toothpaste contains silica gels, aluminum, phosphates and silicates, as well as fluoride. Natural toothpaste uses safe and natural ingredients to achieve the same desired effects. Earthpaste, for example, actually states right on the label that it’s edible. No, you aren’t likely to sit down to a meal of toothpaste but it’s refreshing to know that if you do swallow some it won’t be toxic to your body.

Fluoride Alternatives

One of the main reasons we brush our teeth is to prevent tooth decay. We have been taught from an early age that we absolutely must take care of our teeth and brush at least twice a day. So, if toothpaste doesn’t have fluoride in it to prevent decay, how does it help us? Natural toothpastes use safe alternatives including mint oils or herbal extracts like sage or neem to protect our teeth. Since most of us are used to minty tasting toothpaste, mint oil makes sense as an ingredient, right?

To Suds or Not To Suds?

Commercial toothpastes have set in all of us an expectation: When we brush our teeth, we should end up with a mouth full of suds. We have been brainwashed into thinking that’s the key to a clean mouth, and if it isn’t sudsing it isn’t clean. Au contraire, mon fr?re. Natural toothpaste are lacking sodium lauryl sulfate, the foaming agent we are so accustomed to. Instead, our mouths are refreshed and cleaned with safe scrubbing agents like clay and salt.

Natural Toothpastes

There are actually quite a few natural toothpastes available on the market today. After doing some research, including comparison videos on YouTube, we found that a couple of the most popular ones are Desert Essence and Earthpaste. Earthpaste is a newer product, but it’s quickly winning people over with its short, simple ingredient list.


It’s different. That’s the first thing you notice about it when you squeeze earthpaste-peppermint-5282_5some onto your toothbrush. It’s brownish, clay color is due to the lack of titanium dioxide. When you start brushing, you notice the lack of foam, which is due to the lack of sulfates. So if Earthpaste is lacking these things, what does it have? It contains purified water, Redmond Clay, xylitol, essential oil, Real Salt, tea tree essential oil, and menthol. That’s it. Classic case of less is more!

About the Company

Redmond, Inc. was established in 1958 and proudly calls itself a “people company”. They have a wide variety of products including salt, clay, bath salts, salt licks – and Earthpaste. While that might be off-putting to some, it makes sense when you realize that Redmond products are all based on high quality natural ingredients that come straight from the earth in some manner. With their company philosophy revolving around keeping people happy and healthy, it also makes sense that when they couldn’t find a natural toothpaste they felt safe using, they made their own.

For more information on all natural toothpaste, please click here: Earthpaste


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