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Benefits of Using Natural Shampoo

Fundamental Earth Shampoo

Eating healthy is something that everyone discusses. There are diets for everyone to follow and then promptly unfollow. There are also exercise plans galore. But even more important is the chemicals Woman Washing Hair with Natural Shampothat you are using on the skin on your body. If you are aiming for natural and healthy, then consider what you are placing on your face and on your body!

Why Use a Natural Shampoo?

So, why should you consider healthy shampoos? Well, if nothing else, the lack of chemicals being used is a good thing for you. Your skin is the largest organ in the body and it is a receptor for chemicals to gain entry. Natural shampoos are also great because they provide plant and herb extracts that keep your hair healthy naturally.

fe-pc-shampoo-lavender-12_4The benefits of natural shampoos are extensive. The herb and plant extracts found in natural shampoo have a stimulating effect on hair follicle growth. Therefore, hair will grow more quickly. The natural oils and nutrients are effective at providing moisture to the hair follicles. Natural hair shampoos are also non-allergenic and safe for sensitive skin types. The smells of natural shampoos are very mild and smell natural, not overpowering with fragrance. Since these shampoos are natural, they are also environmentally friendly, so a bonus to the Earth!

What to Look For in a Natural Shampoo

Everyone claims their product is better or more beneficial. At the stores, all the labels say, “pick me, I’m the best.” So, how do you really know? First off, there shouldn’t be more than nine ingredients on the label. The best ingredients to look for are: coconut oil, aloe vera, shea butter, beta glucan, and tea tree oil. These ingredients help with moisturizing, natural shine, and to soothe irritation.

What to Avoid in Your Shampoo

When looking for natural shampoo products there are definitely some ingredients to look out for. Sodium lauryl sulfates, ammonium lauryl sulfates, mureth sulfates, propylene glycol, lauryl glycol, and siloxanes. These ingredients are detergents that can build up in your hair and cause skin irritation. They also tend to strip the hair of natural oils that keep it moisturized.

A Great Choice for You and the Environment

One great shampoo is called Fundamental Earth Pink Grapefruit, this natural shampoo is sodium lauryl sulfate free, and is enriched with Kukuife-pc-shampoo-grapefruit-12_6 oil which helps with moisturizing. The pink grapefruit essential oils has a great smell and is wonderful at cleaning the scalp and preventing dandruff. This chemical-free shampoo is great for maintaining pH balance and providing clean and healthy hair, without all the harsh chemicals found in most shampoos.

Living a healthy life is usually judged by not smoking, using drugs, or eating processed foods. But we tend to neglect the things that we place on our largest organ, the skin. Chemicals can be extremely harmful and dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Shampoo is something that can work just as well, if not better, with natural components. Consider using natural shampoo and feel the difference it makes in your hair and your life.

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