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Ten Tips to Managing Arthritis Throughout Your Day

Daily Tips for Support

It’s the little things that can really make a day frustrating. Brushing your teeth, preparing a meal, getting dressed—all of these daily activities we take for granted when we feel well. However, to those Arthritis in handssuffering with arthritis, these little tasks can turn into daily struggles.

The good news is that with even small changes, using simple modifications or products, can turn many of these frustrations into more manageable daily routines. For instance:

Kitchen Tasks

1.) Jars: Arthritis in your hand joints? Opening jars can be challenging. Often a rubber grip jar-opener can add needed traction to the job. There are also specialized openers for jars and other types of containers.

2.) Pots, Pans, Utensils: If you cook, try using pots and pans that have soft grips and/or long handles, which can make lifting and moving these objects around much easier. And, when its time to eat, there are adaptive forks, knives and spoons that have thicker handles to improve your grip and reducing difficult or even embarrassing moments when you’re trying to enjoy your food.

Bathroom Fixes

1.) Raise Your Seat: For those with back, knee and hip pain it can be difficult to get on and off the toilet, and this is not a time in your life where you would prefer to ask for help. So, consider using an elevated seat, which adds height to a toilet. If this isn’t enough of a solution, consider installing a powered toilet that lifts you up when extra assistance is needed.

2.) Electric Toothbrush and Razor: With a fatter grip that’s usually much easier to handle, electric toothbrushes even to much of the brushing for you. This is especially useful if you deal with hand and shoulder problems. Also, electric razors can reduce the amount of accidental cuts and nicks you get from using aching, swollen hands.

3.) Shower Safely: Many of us can have difficulty getting in and out of the shower for any number of reasons such as injuries, post op surgery, age, but arthritis can make this task a daily struggle. There is a real fear falls related to bathing, so consider installing shower rails or using a shower chair that can be adjusted.

4.) Wiping Hygiene: A private matter few like to discuss, but it is an important one— some arthritis patients have difficulty cleaning themselves properly. Regular toilet paper can be difficult to hold and feel. Rolled cotton or baby wipes can help. When using cotton, just break off pieces for use when wiping. Cotton and baby wipes feel more tactile than toilet paper, so it is easier to gauge what you are doing, and you can wet the cotton for better cleaning. Just please remember not to flush it, or that will lead to plumbing work.

Living Room Tips

1.) Firm Seating: Big, comfy recliners, couches and chairs might appear comfortable, but they are not very good for you. Soft seating can aggravate back pain symptoms, for example. Also, when you sink down into a seat, it’s difficult for anyone to get back up. Instead, use a firm chair—one that’s high enough to make it easy for you to get in and out of it. There also are powered chairs that can lift you and boost you back up.

2.) Accommodating Doorknob Handles: Rounded doorknobs are very traditional looking, but turning those can be strenuous when you have arthritis in your hands and wrists. You can have adapters installed, and these go over your existing door knobs. They have a lever that only requires a push instead of a turn to open a door.

In the Dressing room

1.) Slip into Shoes: What might seem to be the simplest thing, putting on shoes, can be a frustrating and even painful event in the process of getting dressed for arthritis sufferers. Tiny shoehorns, requiring you to bend over and practically touch your toes, are not the answer. Yet, similar to gardening and cleaning tools, there are shoehorns with long handles (even 2-3 feet). These longer handles can eliminate the need to bend so far and struggle with getting on your shoes.

2.) Zip It: Zippers and buttons are so small on clothing, arthritis means getting your clothes on is more than a challenge at times. However, try a dressing tool, which can help pull up zippers and fasten buttons.

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