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Frozen Banana Treat

Banana ‘Ice Cream’

frozen banana

This recipe has one ingredient: frozen bananas, and the consistency is so similar to ice cream, rich, creamy and sweet, you may not believe that only one ingredient is in this treat. It’s the tastiest fat-free, dairy-free, no sugar added, preservative-free, artificial flavoring/coloring-free frozen treat I believe you will ever try.

Use ripe or slightly over-ripe bananas (turned slightly brown), then peel and slice your bananas, placing on a lined cookie sheet. Once the banana slices are frozen, add a few handfuls at a time to your blender-give it a little time, and soon you will see the bananas coming together. After about 4-6 minutes, and you will see these frozen bananas transform into an amazing ice cream-like frosty treat.

Feel free to top as you would ice cream, and enjoy!

Note: the photo on the right depicts another way to make this yummy treat. Pour above mixture into ice pop molds and have delicious banana ice pops!


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