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Skin Allergies Have Become More Common

Chemical-Free Alternative Skin Products

The prevalence of skin allergies and poor skin health is on the rise, and many of the reactions have been linked to skin care products and other cosmetics. If you’re buying cosmetics from big chain stores or supermarkets, chances are your skin rashskin is being given harsh chemicals that damage it and can cause severe irritations. Recently a report by dermatologists found that methylisothiazolinone (MI), which is a cheap chemical frequently used as a preservative, has increased cases of eczema and other skin conditions.

What is Methylisothiazolinone?

Beauty products and cosmetics can sit on the shelves for years. Once the product is made it has to be packaged, shipped, and then stocked on the shelves of your local store. This can be a long process, and because of this preservatives are necessary. Cosmetic companies could find or develop safe preservatives, however this would be expensive and time consuming. Because of this they choose to use chemical preservatives that are inexpensive.

MI is one of these chemicals, and it is used to maintain the product for as long as possible. It helps to fight bacteria and other harmful agents, and in some countries it is actually considered safe for human use. Despite this, many people have experienced reactions to the chemical, and over the years the amounts of MI used in products have increased. It has been shown to damage brain cells, and one study conducted at the University of Pittsburgh found that MI was harmful to cultured neurons. MI may also cause dysfunction and problems within the immune system. For these reasons, dermatologists from all over the world are calling for its removal from consumer products. Some companies have begun to remove or lower the amounts of MI in their products, but it is still found in many, if not most, cosmetic and beauty products.

natural skin lotionSafe Alternatives

Finding an alternative to popular cosmetic products is something that everybody should do. Some of the better natural and chemical free brands include:

If you’re looking to replace beauty products, Fundamental Earth might be a good place to start. Their skin products provide support to healthy skin. They make a 100% pure Dead Sea face mask as well as an organic facial cream that can help the most dry and damaged skin. Many of the brands today claim to use natural ingredients, and although this might be true, these products still contain harsh chemicals. The brands listed above can be trusted and are truly chemical free.

The amount of skin allergies related to beauty and cosmetic products is on the rise, and this is because of the harsh chemicals included in many of these products. Methylisothiazolinone is a chemical that has been linked to eczema, as well as damage to the brain, nervous system, and immune system. Everybody should cut the use of this chemical out of their life, and using one of the brands named in this article can be a good place to start.


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