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Importance of Whole Food Multi Vitamins

Benefits of Taking a Whole Food Vitamin

vitaminsIt is not surprising that most people do not receive their recommended daily intake of vitamins. What is surprising is that even individuals who do eat the suggested daily servings of both fruits and vegetables do not receive their daily intake. The modern world plays a role in this, as current farming practices of mass production, processing, and cooking of foods have been found less nutrient efficient than they have been in previous years. It takes several more cups of fruits and vegetables today to equal the same nutritional value a single cup provided fifty years ago.

Importance of a Whole Food Vitamins

A whole food vitamin can provide the body with the nutrients it needs without the hassle of counting servings. Of course, it would be most ideal to eat five to seven servings of fresh fruits and vegetables, but modern day food practices do not hold the same value of nutrition as previously stated. Why are vitamins important? Vitamins do everything from prevent diseases, maintain efficient cellular activity, as well as help prevent against nutritional deficiency.

Which vitamin should I take?

There are two different types of vitamins you can take; a synthetic vitaminfe-p-daily-multi-whole-food-90_4 or a whole food vitamin. The best multivitamin for you is the one you’ll make sure you take as directed on a daily basis. However, to get specific, it’s best to take a whole food vitamin supplement which will be more easily absorbed and assimilated by the body, since it is natural and made from whole foods. These are also considered natural supplements since they don’t contain synthetic ingredients.

There are several benefits to the consumption of a whole food vitamin supplement; first and foremost vitamins aid in the bodies overall digestive functions. This is important, especially for later in life, so the sooner one begins taking multivitamins the more regular their body’s food processing system will become. One of the most sought after benefits of taking whole food vitamins is the boost in brain function. Taking multivitamins regularly boosts ones overall comprehension and information retention!

Weight management and sugar control are two more wonderful benefits one can expect when taking vitamin supplements. This often comes from the added energy the body experiences from absorbing its vitamins via regular daily intake. After only a few days of the recommended dosage, one will feel better both mentally, and physically, and over the long term will experience the weight loss and sugar control effects of whole foods vitamin supplements.

With all of these wonderful benefits to taking multivitamins, there is no reason for anyone to not take them. They are non-prescription, easy to obtain, and perhaps one of the best steps anyone can take to creating a healthier body. When looking for a whole food vitamin, it’s suggested you find one that is made in America. This assures you are getting quality and purity. Oftentimes, a whole food vitamin has several blends for additional benefits. Read the labels of your vitamin supplement to compare.


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