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Bringing Up Baby Naturally and Irritant-Free

Stay Away From Harmful Chemicals!

babyBabies have delicate, sensitive skin, and we are always extremely particular about what products we use for them. We never want anything that will irritate or cause an allergic reaction! It’s not uncommon for babies and toddlers to have skin irritations. From dermatitis to eczema to allergies, a baby’s delicate tissue can be red, dry, bumpy and they can break out into a rash. Even the most trusted, well-known products can leave your little love muffin in an itchy mess.

Dangerous Chemicals

You would be amazed at the number of irritating ingredients that are used earths-best-589176-7043_5in various baby products. Skin products dry out their skin. Bath products make them break out. It’s all so incredibly counter-intuitive one can barely comprehend it. While we all need to be using personal care products with natural ingredients, it’s even more important to be conscientious consumers when it comes to infants. Stay away from sulfates and sulfides; only use products that are comprised of natural ingredients.

The Solution

Earth’s Best is a brand that offers a completely safe and effective diaper relief ointment! It helps to takes the worry out of skincare and let’s you simply enjoy the time you spend with your baby.

badger-28501-5017_4Another great option for your baby is Badger’s Diaper Cream! Badger Zinc Oxide Diaper Cream is an organic diaper cream that can help to relieve irritated and inflamed skin!

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