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Why You Should Make the Switch to Natural Makeup

The Many Benefits of Natural Makeup

Natural Makeup on Woman

You’ve read about natural makeup and heard all about how it’s bad for you but should you really belief the hype? Is it really as bad as they make it out to be? Can it really be that dangerous to use? In a word: Yes. Natural makeup has garnered some less than savory connotations over the years (think “hippie-dippy” or “hairy armpits”) but that is certainly not a well-deserved reputation. Perhaps 20 years ago, yes, but not nowadays. No way. We are here to not only remind you of why you should make the switch to natural makeup, but also just exactly how awesome natural makeup can be.

It’s Bad For You.

Have you ever read the ingredients on a tube of lipstick? Granted, it’s to the manufacturer’s advantage that most of us don’t carry around a magnifying glass so we literally cannot see what crazy we are actually putting on our faces. Sure there are artificial colors – everything has that, right? But formaldehyde? Ewww! Methylisothiazolinone? Are you kidding me? That just sounds made up. It’s not! It’s a cytotoxin, which causes cell and nerve damage and allergic reactions. That’s not even the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There are easily twenty or more chemicals used in the production of makeup that have been proven to be harmful to us.

It’s Bad For the Environment.

Hibiscus Bronzing Powder
Hibiscus Bronzing Powder

Conventional beauty products typically contain petroleum-based ingredients, aluminum, or lead, all of which have to be mined. A lot of thismining is done right in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, killing off countless wildlife and vegetation every year. Miles upon miles of monkeys, gorillas, orangutans, jaguars, frogs, tamarins, sloths,  anteaters, otters, capybara, manatee, toucans, macaws, dolphins and many more are destroyed in the process of making our beauty products.

It’s Bad For Even More Animals.

Smokey Mauve Eye Shadow
Smokey Mauve Eye Shadow

Many people think that animal testing is a thing of the past. We know there are better alternatives available that are more accurate, cheaper in the long run, and last longer; therefore, we assume these alternatives are being utilized as the norm. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Even though many countries have banned the use of animal testing in cosmetics, the United States still clings to this barbaric practice. Thing like the Draize test, skin corrosion, acute oral toxicity, and carcinogenic tests – just to name a few – are still carried out. Even if the cosmetic companies themselves do not oversee the tests, most of the time the individual ingredients are still animal tested before they are added to the product.

Why is Natural Makeup Better?

It’s not bad for you, the environment, or the animals. In fact, many natural cosmetics are actually good for you; many brands support environmental programs, and most of them contain no animal ingredients nor do they test on animals.

Ecco Bella Mascara
Ecco Bella Mascara

There are many cosmetic companies, like Ecco Bella, that contain food for your face. The products have ingredients and pigments from fruits and vegetables. They contain flowers. There are actual vitamins in their makeup that will feed your skin and give you a healthy glow no big name bronzer can achieve. Ecco Bella prides itself on not having chemicals that you can’t pronounce and toxins that will make you sick. They don’t support or use animal testing, either. Get this novel idea: They test their products on themselves.

That speaks volumes right there. If you believe in your product so much and have enough faith in it to make yourself the company guinea pig, it must be a really big deal for all the right reasons.

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