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Desert Essence’s Core Values

Desert Essence: A Company with Values

Desert Essence Tea Tree Deodorant

Desert Essence was started in 1978 with the goal of bringing the best ingredients to natural personal care products all over the world. The company takes it’s inspiration from the desert, and uses ingredients that are found in this rich environment.

Desert Essence was the first company to commercially market Jojoba Oil. The company then introduced Tea Tree Oil to the American market. Desert Essence blazes the trail in introducing innovative new personal care products, all the while maintaining the core values that make Desert Essence the leader in natural personal care products.

Desert Essence Holds Itself to Six Core Values:

1.) Harmony with nature. Desert Essence strives to be kind and giving to nature, as nature is kind and giving to us. Desert Essence harvests the ingredients for its unique formulas from the desert itself. The desert is a completely balanced and sustainable climate. Desert Essence works in harmony with nature, harvesting ingredients in a way that is both ecological and responsible.

desert-essence-240291-0313_52.) Harmony with health. Desert Essence believes in using the highest quality natural ingredients to offer a unique, healthy beauty regimen. The personal care products offered by Desert Essence work in harmony with nature and your body. All of the ingredients are completely natural and labeled clearly on the product package.The company also offers a listing of the ingredients in their products online for you to review.

3.) Better practices make perfect. Desert Essence is committed to ensuring that their practices and personal care products display their commitment to the health and well being of our planet. The company uses all natural and organic ingredients from around the world. Desert Essence is also a strong supporter of the federation of Australian plantation farmers who are committed to not using pesticides ,herbicides,or fungicides.

4.) Green through and through. Desert Essence regards sustainability as desert-essence-654228-0536_5an always changing commitment, and their involvement with Renewable Choice helps them find innovative ways to honor their commitment to the planet. The company offsets 100% of their electricity each year by purchasing energy credits. Brochures are printed on recycled paper, and staff are encouraged to look for ways to be eco conscious. At Desert Essence, every employee is committed to the environment.

5.) Animals are beautiful. Desert Essence is certified by Leaping Bunny. As a company and individuals, Desert Essence does not believe in testing their products on animals. They require that all of their suppliers abide by the same rules as well.

6.) Personal Care=Customer Care. Desert Essence respects the trust that consumers place in their products. As a result, the company operates with the customer in mind. From choosing new ingredients to packaging and labeling, the best interests of the customer come first. Desert Essence products are gluten free and vegetarian. However not all products are vegan. Customers are encouraged to look at the ingredients on the product packaging. The Organics line of products is a completely vegan line offered by Desert Essence.  Desert Essence is a company that is committed to its customers and the health and sustainability of the planet.

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